#321 Matrix Chrome 16X3.5 front and Rear

2004 Heritage Softail

We got in some great pictures from a satisfied customer. Matrix Chrome 16X3.5" wheel set, matching 11.5" front and rear rotors. Also, a 70TX1 1/8" Chrome Matrix pulley.

Thanks Mike C.

#320 Breakout Big Daddy

Sherman's stunning Softail Breakout with Big Daddy wheels. 21" front and 18" rear with a 260 tire.

#319 Vivid Black Valor 18x3.5 18x4.25

Jessie from El Paso got a set of vivid black Valor rims in 18x3.5 front and 18x4.25 rear with matching polished rotors and matching vivid black belt pulley. Tires were provided mounted and balanced fora direct bolt on application. Thanks for the pics, the biek has a whole new feel now!

#318 Chrome Matrix 16x3.5 front and rear

Chuck from Illinois got a set of chrome HogPro Matrix wheels 16x3.5 front and rear along with matching brake rotors, belt pulley and tires for his 2009 Softail Deluxe. This is a clean and classy ride. Simple yet elegant. Thanks for your business and enjoy!

#317 Chrome Big Daddy 21x3.5 16x3.5

Todd from South Carolina got a set of chrome Big Daddy fat spoke rims 21x3.5 front and 16x3.5 rear with diamond cut spokes and matching front and rear brake rotors for his 2001 fatboy. This really spices up the SoCal vicla look of the bike and sets it apart from the crowd. The classic white wall tires carry on the notalgia and ensure that this will be a classic for years to come. Thanks for your business and enjoy.

#316 RSD Boss Contrast Cut 23 17

Troy from Hawaii got a Heartland 250 kit with drive side brake and a 23" front wheel for his sick night train. The wheel is the Roland Sands Design Boss contrast cut. The finished product is a work of art. Thanks for your business and enjoy those tropical nights on that sled.

#315 Vivid Black Velocity 23 + 17

Russell from Houston, Texas got a set of our vivid black Velocity wheels in 23 and 17 with a wrap around front fender and an RWD all in one rear fender. The bike looks great. Thanks for the pics and enjoy that sick softail Russ.

Vivid Black Velocity 23 + 17

Here is a shot of the rear of this sick 2011 Fatboy.

#314 Black Magic LeMans 26"

Snipes Machine out of Kershaw, SC got this one-off Heritage featured in a magazine with a real nice write up. It has our 26" Black Magic LeMans on the front and so much more! Great job Robert!

#313 Chrome Titan 26"

Melvin from C&C Customs in Virginia built this sick softail with our 26" Titan wheel in chrome and a matching polished brake rotor. We don't see a lot of 26" softail's and this bike is really sweet. Thanks for your business and the pictures Melvin.

#312 Vivid Black Slash 18 and 17

Bill from Las Vegas, NV got himself a set of Vivid Black Slash rims in 18x3.5 and 17x6.25 with matching rotors and tires for his 2013 Fatboy Lo. He went with a 140 front tire and a 200 rear. The bike looks great and there is no comparison to the drab stock wheels. Thanks for your business and enjoy Bill.

#311 Chrome Big Daddy 16" Diamond

Kjetil sent in this pic from across the pond in Norway. This is a 2000 Heritage that just good suited up with Big Daddy chrome 16's with the diamond spoke up grade, with our Shelby rotors and pulley. She really came out nice!!

#310 Chrome Shelby 21 and 17

Dan out of Parkville, MD got a set of our HogPro chrome Shelby rims 21x2.15 and 17x6.25 with matching rotors, belt pulley and tires for his 2007 FXST. The bike came out great. Thanks Dan!

#309 Chrome Big Daddy 16 front and rear

Joe out of Macomb, MI got a set of Big Daddy rims in chrome in 16x3.5 with matching pulley and rotors along with the white wall tires. This bike has a classy and nostalgic look to it right in line with how a Deluxe should look.

#307 Chrome Shelby 21 and 18

John Ryan dressed up his 2005 Heritage Softail with a set of our chrome Shelby rims, rotors and belt pulley in 21x3.25 and 18x4.25. The Shelby's really make the bike pop now! Fine choice!

#306 Fatboy 21" Matrix

Mike Mason's Harley Fatboy with our chrome matrix 21 x 3.5" front wheel and heritage front fender.

#305 Vivid Apollo on Nightrain

This pic sent in by Michael out of Copperas Cove, FL shows off his 2009 Softail Nightrain. He went with the Vivid Black Apollo set, 21" front, 18 x 5.5" rear with matching rotors and pulley and Metzeler tires.

#304 Panther 21+18 on Softail

Dan out of Moscow, OH sent in this shot of his 2005 Softail Standard with his Chrome Panther 21 + 18" combo with matching rotors and pulley.

#303 Panther 21+18 on Fatboy

Chrome Panther 21 x 3.5" front and 18 x 4.25" rear on a 2003 Limited Edition Fatboy. Thanks Justin Comeaux from Livingston, La.

#302 Daytona 21+18 Deuce

This Anniversary edition 2003 Softail Deuce has added a chrome "Daytona" 21 front and 18" rear wheels along with matching rotors an belt pulley. Picture courtesy of Don out of Pleasant Plain, OH.

#301 Deviate 21+18 Softail

Mike out of Butler, PA sent us this pic of his 1990 Softail Custom with a Deviate 21 x 3.5" front and 18 x 4.25" rear wheels with matching rotors and pulley.

#300 Big Daddy 21+18 Breakout

Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson out of WA set up this 2014 Breakout with 21 x 3.5" and 18 x 8.5" Big Daddy set with matching rotors and pulley.

#299 Big Daddy 21+18 Heritage WWW

Neil Glaze from AL send this pic of his 2002 Softail Heritage with these Big Daddy chrome wheels. 21 + 18" combo wrapped in Vee Rubber WWW tires.

#298 Diamond Big Daddy Deluxe

2008 Softail Deluxe with diamond spoke Big Daddy 21 +18" package with Vee Rubber WWW tires. Thanks Oran Narcisse of Louisiana.

#297 Black Magic "Typhoon" ST

1992 Softail Custom with our black and machined Typhoon wheels. 21" front with 16" rear. Thanks Jonah Shawgo.

#296 Vivid Black "Typhoon" Fat

2011 Harley Fatboy with stock size 17" Vivid Black "Typhoon" wheels. Thanks Carlos from New Mexico.

#295 Lemans 21" Fatboy

Mark's 2007 Harley Fatboy with our chrome Lemans 21 x 3.25" front and 17 x 6.25" rear.

#294 Sonic Breakout

Phil's Harley Softail Breakout with our chrome Sonic wheels. 21 x 3.25" and 18 x 8.5" with matching pulley and rotors.

#293 Panther Softail Duece

2001 Softail Duece with our chrome Panther Saver Set and 200mm wide tire kit. Thanks Gus from Bushwick, Brooklyn.

#292 Vivid Black Typhoon Lo

2010 Harley Fatboy Lo with Heritage front fender. Vivid Black Typhoon 21+18" package. Thanks Chris Turner!

#291 Vivid Black Titan 21+18 FB

Adam from OR hooked up his 2008 Fatboy with our Vivid Black Titan wheels, pulley, and rotors. 21 x 3.25" + 18 x 5.5" and PM Wrath AC.

#290 Black Titan 23" Deluxe Bagger

Not your average deluxe! This 2007 features a 23" front, 18" rear, and the bagger treatment.

#289 Indy 18" Heritage

2008 Harley Softail Heritage with chrome Indy 18" wheels, pulley, and rotors. Thanks Bob Royce!

#288 '98 Fatboy Typhoon 19+18

This might be the nicest 1998 Harley Softail Fatboy on the road today! Decked out with a chrome Hogpro Typhoon 19 x 3.0" front, and 18 x 4.25" rear with matching rotors and pulley. Gary came up from San Diego to see us for his install and left with a big grin on his face!

#287 '03 Heritage 8-Spoke 21+18

This shot of a 2003 Softail Heritage comes with a set of Hogpro Classic 8-Spoke chrome wheels with a 21x3.25" front, 18x4.25" and running the new Michelin Commander II's. Thanks to Kenny out of Decatur, Alabama

#286 07 Heritage Big Daddy black spokes

Thanks to Dan from Carrington, ND for this pic of his 2007 Heritage with chrome Big Daddy rims with black spokes in 21x3.5 and 18x4.25. The bike came out great Dan.

#285 05 Heritage with Sinister Big Daddy

Ron tricked out his 05 Heritage with a set of Big Daddy fat spokes from Sinister in 21x3.5 and 18x4.25 in chrome with polished stainless spokes. This gives the bike a great nostalgic look and makes it stand out from the crowd. Thanks for the pic Ron.

#284 Chrome Lemans 21" Heritage

C&C Customs dressed up this softail heritage with our custom Lemans chrome wheels. 21 x 3.25" front and 18 x 4.25" rear.

#283 Black Magic Lemans Fatboy

Ray Alapisco's 2009 Fatboy with a set of 18" Black Magic Lemans wheels,pulley, and rotors.

#282 Black Magic Torque 5 ST

2007 Harley Softail Custom with our Black Magic Torque 5 wheels. 21 x 2.15" front, 17 x 6.25" rear. Thanks Ric from Southeast Customs.

#281 8 spoke Standard

2006 FXST with Hogpro chrome 8 spoke wheels. 21 x 2.15" for the front and 17 x 6.25" for the rear. Thanks Ric from Southeast Customs.

#280 Typhoon Fatboy 2012

This is a 2012 Harley Fatboy done right. 19" Front, 18" rear, and matching pulley/rotors. Thanks Francis Carmen of Philadelphia, PA.

#279 P3 Fatboy

2003 Fatboy with our chrome P3 wheels. 19 x 3.0" for the front with a 18 x 4.25" rear. Thanks Christian Collins of OH.

#278 Custom Softail Daytona

Wayne Morse of Marquette, Michigan finished off his beautiful custom with our chrome Daytona wheels.

#277 Black Magic 8 Spoke Heritage

Hogpro BM 8 spoke wheels on a beautiful Harley Softail Heritage.

#276 Black Magic Mystic Fatboy

Paul Wilson's Fatboy with our black magic Mystic 17" front wheel, saddle bags, and nice fairing.

#275 Matrix 16" Deluxe 2007

Justin's 2007 Softail Deluxe with our chrome Matrix 16 x 3.5" wheels, matching pulley+rotors, and white wall tires.

#274 Black and Chrome Big Daddy

2006 Harley Softail Deluxe with black spoke/chrome rim Big Daddy wheels. 21 + 16" combo. Thanks Mike Knight from Parkville, MD.

#273 Daytona Chrome Softail

This shot of a 2003 Softail Standard comes with a set of Hogpro Classic Daytona chrome wheels with a wider than stock 21x3.25" front and our Long Flared DBO fender fitted by Manjeet out of Honolulu, HI. Thanks from the Mainland!! Mahalo

#272 Vivid Black Shelby NT

2008 Softail Nightrain with our Vivid Black Shelby wheels, pulley, rotors, and Metzler rubber. Thanks Joe Lee from OK.

#271 Lemans 21" Fatboy

Jerry Break's Fattie sports our chrome Lemans 21" front with a detachable front fairing and roadking saddle bags.

#270 Bid Daddy 21x18 Combo on Deluxe

This set of Big Daddy's looks great on Daves 2006 Softail Deluxe. Picture courtesy of Dave Barry out of Kitchener, ON, Canada. Brrrr!

#269 Softail Deluxe with Matrix

2006 Softail Deluxe with 16" chrome Matrix wheels, matching pulley and rotors. Thanks George from NC.

#268 Panther Heritage 18"

Danny Sanchez's 2008 105th Anniversity Heritage with our chrome Panther 18" saver set package and Metzler tires.

#267 Black Magic "Lemans" Lo

2012 Fatboy Lo with our Black Magic "Lemans" wheels, rotors, and pulley. Nice job Mike Siciliano from CT

#266 Sonic on Softail Deuce

2007 Harley Softail Deuce with a chrome Hogpro Sonic 21" front wheel with matching rotor and pulley. Picture courtesy of Carl from Port St Lucie, Florida.

#265 Black Indy Blackline

Softail Blackline with Indy wheels 21x2.15 + 16 x 3.5" wrapped in Avon rubber. Thanks Dave Ortiz of Vienna, VA and great job on your bike.

#264 Magnum Heritage

Hey guys just got my new Magnum wheels and tires mounted. 2009 Heritage Softail with 18 x 3.5 in the front and 18 x 4.25 in the rear.Very happy with the results." Darren from Louisiana!

#263 Matrix on Softail Deluxe

2007 Softail Deluxe with a set of Hogpro Matrix chrome wheels. All the style of Big Fat Spokes without the headaches of wire wheel cleaning, running tubes, etc. Thanks to Jill of Louisiana!

#262 Nightmare Standard

2002 FXST with a Heartland 250 wide tire kit and Nightmare chrome wheels. Thanks David Lamoreaux and great job by Gary Shaffer on the install!

#261 RCC Drifter Deuce

2004 Harley Softail Deuce with RCC chrome Drifter 21 x 2.15" front wheel. Thanks Phillip Knott of Willow Spring,NC

#260 Panther Fatboy

2001 Fatboy with a Hogpro 19x3" Panther on the front. Great picture, love all the chrome. Thanks to Harold out of Derry, NH and the rest of the gang, Dani and Eric!

#259 P3 Fatboy

"Here's my fatboy that has your P3 wheels, rotors and pulley. 19" on front, 17" on rear. It wasn't until I installed the wheel package from Hogpro that the bike became what I really wanted." Todd Kunkel

#258 Typhoon Fatboy

2008 Harley Fatboy featuring our new chrome "Typhoon" wheels. Ed Daniel of Clovis, CA went with a 19 x 3.0" front + 17 x 6.25" rear with matching pulley and brake rotors.

#257 Heritage Big Fatty

Sergio of Humble, Texas did his Softail Heritage right with the 50 spoke wheels and the long fishtails.

#256 Magnum 18" Deluxe

2005 Softail Deluxe with our new chrome Magnum wheels. 18 x 3.5" in the front and 18 x 4.25" in the rear. Thanks Jack Jeffries from Vista, CA

#255 Sneak Peak- New "Typhoon"

Looking for an aggressive yet refined wheel? Our new 7 spoke chrome "Typhoon" wheel has the necessary attitude to stand out.

#254 Sneak Peak- New "Torino"

"Torino" is one of our new wheels coming out for 2011. Each spoke is machined at three different levels to give the wheel great depth and detail.

#253 Lemans 19" Fatboy

2000 Fatboy with our Fatback rear fender. The fender allows you to run a 180 tire(18 x 5.5" wheel) on 2000-2006 Softails. Front wheel is a 19 x 3.0" with a 120 tire. Thanks Pete from CO.

#252 BM 8 spoke Heritage

2006 Softail Heritage with our Black Magic 8 spoke wheels. 21 x 3.25" front + 18 x 4.25" rear. Great job Ric on this custom motorcycle.

#251 BM 8 spoke Fatboy 21"

Black Magic 8 spoke 21 x 3.25" + 18 x 4.25" wrapped in Avons with chrome pulley and polished rotors. Nice Motorcycle! Picture courtesy of Phil Ledbetter from IL.

#250 EM Ripper 2002 Nightrain

2002 Harley Softail Nightrain with Xtreme Machine bolted Ripper wheels 21 X 2.15" + 16 X 3.5". Great picture, custom paint complimented by black and chrome wheels and rotors. Thanks Craig Dyer from OH.

#249 Black Magic Torque 7 Heritage

2003 Softail Heritage with our black torque 7 wheels and Metzler rubber. 18 x 3.5" front with 18 x 4.25" rear. Black Magic wheels a nice fit in this picture. Thanks Mack from Lexington, TN.

#248 Torque 7 Heritage 18"

2009 Harley Softail Heritage with chrome Hogpro Torque 7 18" wheels. 18 x 3.5" front and 18 x 4.25" rear wrapped in Metzlers. Nice picture of your motorcycle! Thanks "Chubby" from Ohio.

#247 Lemans Fatboy 18"

2005 Harley fatboy with 18" Lemans wheels and metzler tires. Cant go wrong with chrome wheels on a Harley-Davidson. Thanks Andy, from Northridge, CA. JPG

#246 Panther 1989 Softail Custom

Kurt's 1989 Softail Custom has been transformed with our Hogpro Saver Set Panther wheels. 21 x 2.15" front with 16 x 3.5" rear. Nice picture of your Harley-Davidson!

#245 Black Magic Sonic Softail

2006 Softail Standard with our Black Magic Sonic wheels, a Heartland 200 EZ kit, and a custom RWD fender to fit that 120mm front tire. Black and Chrome nicely mixed on this motorcycle. Thanks for the picture Josh, from Ocala, Florida.

#244 Panther Deuce

Harley Deuce with our Panther Save Set in chrome. 21 X 2.15" front and 18 x 5.5" rear. Custom paint and new chrome billet wheels…nice combination! Thanks for the picture Runar from Norway.

#243 PM Rival Softail Custom

Antte from Finland hooked up his 2007 Softail Custom with these PM chrome rival wheels. Nice picture of your Harley-Davidson! JPG

#242 Sonic 23" Deuce

New front end, pm phatail kit, and 23" + 18" Sonic wheels have really transformed this Deuce. Chrome Billet wheels a hot look with this custom color! Picture courtesy of Jose from Puerto Rico

#241 Custom Softail 8-Spoke

Ron's custom softail with 8 spoke 19 x 3.0" front and 18 x 5.5" rear wrapped in Metzler tires.

#240 PM Gasser CC Nightrain

2003 Softail Nightrain with PM Gasser black contrast cut wheels and Heartland 250 wide tire kit. Black anodized aluminum wheels look great on this ride! Thanks Bob Glueck from overseas. JPG

#239 Panther Heritage Springer

"Here’s a couple pics of my two honey’s – Squeaky & my ’05 Softtail Classic Springer with your 18x4.25 rear – 18x3.5 front Panther package. Thanks again guys." Dennis Muldoon. Nice balance of black and chrome on this Harley-Davidson

#238 PM Domino Nightrain

2008 Nightrain with PM Domino 21" front, 5.5" DBO short flared fender, and matching air cleaner. Black custom wheels a nice fit in this picture. Thanks Kees from Brunei. JPG

#237 Black Torq 7 Nightrain

2008 softail nightrain with springer front end and black torque 7 21" front wheel. Thanks Paolo from Italy

#236 Softail Vegas

2006 FXST with our older Vegas chrome wheels. Custom wheels with matching pulley and rotors on this hog. Picture from Bob from Cannan, NH. JPG

#235 Niner on Custom

Frankie came down to our shop for new tires but left with new wheels as well! Chrome Niner 19 x 2.15" front and 18 x 5.5" rear.

#234 Close Up Niner

Matching chrome niner belt pulley with 18 x 5.5" Niner wheels and Metzler 180/55-18 tire. Love the custom extras in this picture! JPG

#233 Sonic Deuce

2006 Harley Deuce with Sonic wheels, Heartland "Two-Five-O" kit, and RWD front rambler fender. Thanks Ren Santiago from Kauai, HI. Custome chrome really stands out on this motorcycle.

#222 8 spoke Fatboy

2007 Harley Fatboy with chrome 8 spoke wheels. 18 x 3.5" front and 18 x 5.5" rear with chrome floating brake rotors. Thanks Maurice from Perth, Australia

#221 Niner 21" Heritage

2003 Harley Softail Heritage with chrome Niner 21 x 3.25" front and 18 x 4.25" rear. Spared no expense on these chrome wheels and other motorcycle upgrades! Picture courtesy of Tom Goble from Kentucky.

#220 Talladega Fatboy

2006 Harley Fatboy with 18" Rampage Talladega wheels. Metzler 130/70-18 front and 160/60-18 rear. Thanks Lane

#219 Black Indy Custom

2007 Halrey Softail Custom with Mean Street springer front end and Black Magic Indy wheels. 21 x 2.15" and 17 x 6.25. Thanks Jim

#218 Copper Big Fatty Heritage

2008 Harley Softail Heritage with copper spokes, black nipples, and chrome rims. 21 x 3.5" front and 18 x 4.25" rear wrapped in Metzlers. Danny from West Hills, CA

#217 Fatboy Dominator 18"

2007 Harley Fatboy with chrome Hogpro Dominator 18" wheels wrapped in Metzlers. Love the Fat 5-Spoke Billet Aluminum wheel look here. Thanks Pete. JPG

#216 Up Close Dominator

18 x 3.5" chrome Dominator with Metzler tire

#215 Indy Deuce

2005 Softail Deuce with our chrome Indy wheels. 21 X 2.15" front and 18 x 5.5" rear. Spared no expense on these custom wheels and other motorcycle upgrades! Thanks Ric from Southeast Custom Cycles.

#214 Deviate Fatboy 18"

2003 Harley Fatboy with chrome Hogpro Deviate wheels. 18 x 3.5" front and 18 x 4.25" rear wrapped in Metzlers. Thanks Greg from Calabasas, CA.

#213 Sneak Peek New Wheel

This is a brand new wheel design called Niner that will be out for 2010. Let us know what you think? Nice mix of black, chrome and white on this motorcycle. JPG

#212 Niner Up Close

The lines on this wheel really make it stand out.

#211 PM Hooligan Fatboy

2007 Harley Fatboy with custom everything! Dominick from CT turned his vision onto this stunning reality. Great job Dominick

#210 Indy Fatboy 19"

2003 Harley Fatboy with chrome Indy 19 x 3.0" front, 18 x 4.25" rear, chrome pulley, matching 1 piece polished rotors and Metzler tires.

#209 Sonic Rocker

Kevin Combs of KS added Sonic wheels to his 2009 Softail Rocker C. The wheels look great with the Heartland E-Z Rocker kit.

#208 Big Fatty 21" Deluxe

2008 Harley Deluxe with 21 x 3.5" front and 18 x 4.25" rear Big Fatties. Thanks, Nolan Clements

#207 Big Fattys Fatboy

1998 Harley Fatboy with 16 x 3.5" chrome Big Fatty wheels and white wall tires. Thanks Paul Wilson of MA.

#206 Primitive Fatboy

2009 Harley Fatboy with stock size 17" Primitive wheels on stock Dunlop rubber. Beautiful picture of your Harley-Davidson! Thanks Mike

#205 Black Dominator FXST

2005 Harley Softail with “Black Magic” Dominators
taken in an Alley in Tucson Ariz. Malcolm Bean

#204 Indy Crossbones

Mark rode down from Campbell River Canada to have us install our chrome Indy wheels on his 2009 Softail Crossbones. He is now on his way to Sturgis and then back home. Now that is a trip!

#203 Big Fatty Deuce

Andrew Glover of England converted his stock Deuce to this custom beauty. It features a Heartland 250 kit and Big Fatty wheels.

#202 Black Torque 5 Train

2009 Softail Nightrain with our Black Torque 5 21 x 2.15" front wheel and matching 2 piece black Torque 5 brake rotor.

#201 Dominator Standard

Blair Purdy of Edmonton Canada transformed his stock 2005 Softail Standard with a Heartland 250 kit and Hogpro Dominator wheels.

#200 Big Fatty Heritage

Thanks for your great work on getting my wheels right. I got the bike together on Thursday, and entered it in a bike show on Saturday. It won best Harley. Billy Sharp Central City,KY

#199 Bad Duce

"My BAD DEUCE from Norway with HogPro Panther 21 X 2.15 and 18 X 5.5 wheels!!"
Thanks Runar

#198 Monte Carlo Fatboy

This Fatboy features Colorado Customs Monte Carlo 18" wheels. Thanks Brian Lantz

#197 Sonic 18" Fatboy

2004 Fatboy with 18" Sonics. Thanks Murph of Ocean City Maryland

#196 RCC Gladiator Fatboy

I would like to thank you for the job you did on my wheels. The wheels look great !
Your friend & happy customer, Dan Taylor from Elgin, Illinois

#195 Panther Heritage

Dale of Bend,OR dressed up his 2008 Heritage with our Panther 18" wheels.

#194 Panther 1998 Fatboy

"Here are some pics of my 1998 Fatboy with a 18" on the back and a 19" Panther on the front.These wheel are great." Love the Fat 5-Spoke Billet Aluminum wheel look here. Picture courtesy of Michael Hailey

#193 Lemans Fatboy

This is my 2008 Fatboy with Lemans 18” rear wheel with a 200mm tire and a 19” front wheel that makes this bike a neck breaker.
Jason Quick, Putmam Valley,NY

#192 Elite Fatboy

My 01 fatboy sporting hogpro elite wheels and a 240 phatail kit.thanks for all youre help.Rick Dryden

#190 Big Fatty 18" Springer

"just right for ridin the high mountains roads of eastern oregon". Bill Nightingale of Enterprise, OR.

#191 Black Betty with Primitive

"Black Betty"-2008 Night Train with Primtive front wheel. Thanks Brian Hughes
Camp Darby (PISA), Italy

#189 Black Magic Indy Heritage

"I get compliments everywhere I go. Great quality, great price and your customer service is awesome."Pete McGrath Fredericksburg, Virginia

#188 Lemans 18" Fatboy

"My new 18 inch Lemans wheels look awesome. Everything went together great with no problems. It looks so much better than those ugly stock wheels".Thanks again, Brian Childress

#187 Torque 7 Deuce

This 2002 Deuce features our new chrome Hogpro 21 x 2.15" Torque 7 wheel.

#186 Panther Fatboy

Her's My 2007 Fatboy with the new set of Panthers Thanks. They look great.
Jerry Bowie
St.Marys, WV

#185 Creation 7 Fatboy

Jim Childers from Lees Summit MO put some BLING on his Fatboy with this set of Creatin 7's Thanks Jim

#184 Vegas Night Train

I just installed a set of Vegas wheels and a Fatback rear fender on my 2000 Night Train (with the help of Deep South Cycles in Hattiesburg, MS). Aromnd Boudreaux of Hattiesbug, MS

#182 2003 Fatboy

My "Creations 5" wheelset (with matching pulley and rotors) arrived,and Just like you said, bolted right into place without any hassle.They definatly rock! Thanks Ben,Vancouver Island, B.C.

#183 2007 Czar Nightrain

I bought the RC Czar eclipse 21x2.15 front,and 18x5.5 rear wheels,rotors,and pulley,for my slightly modified 07 night train. Thanks Jeff Young Sewell NJ

#181 '05 Fatboy

Michale Bodnariuk's 05 Fatboy after installing the wide tire kit, 18" Lemans wheels with Avon tires, matching rotor and drive pulley.Thanks Mike,Henderson NV

#180 2005 Fatboy

Getting nothing but compliments on my 2005 Fatboy with "LeMans" wheels. Thanks again for your great service. Johnny Warren. Los Angeles.

#179 2000 Deuce

Just wanted to give HOGPRO A big thumbs up !!! Thank you for the service and the speed on getting My 60 Spoke Twisted wheel/tire combo. Thanks,Sean McDonald Mobile ,Alabama

#178 Panther Fatboy

2001 Fatboy with our Hogpro Saver Set Panther wheels. 18" front and rear wraped in Metzler tires. Thanks Chris Heffner of PA.

#177 Elite Deuce

2006 Deuce with our Hogpro Elite wheels. Thanks R.C. of Mississauga Canada.

#176 Sonic Deuce

"I just purchased your Hogpro Sonic 200 rear tire kit for my 04’ HD Deuce. I love the wheels, tires and 200 kit. I know my HD dealer, Manatee Harley Davidson of Bradenton, FL., was also impressed." Tom Baker

#175 Primtive Softail

Joe Marshall's custom 2000 Softail Standard features a Primitive 21 x 3.25" front wheel and a 18 x 5.5" rear wheel. Custom fenders front and rear allow for this look. Great job Joe!

#174 Cheyenne Rocker

We just installed these Renegade Cheyenne wheels on this new Rocker. Thanks Phillip of Chatsworth, CA

#173 Deviate Nightrain

Russ in Texas added Deviate 21 x 3.5" and a 18 x 5.5" to his 2007 Nightrain. Thar 21 x 3.5" front wheel looks great under that RWD short fender.

#171 PM Torque Fatboy

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and setting me straight with the 18" 3.50 front and 18" 4.25 PM Torque wheels for my 2006 HD Fatboy." Clint from Atlanta, GA

#170 Black Big Fatty Deluxe

Mike of Baltimore went with big fatty 16"s and avon gangster white wall tires on his 2006 softail deluxe.

#169 Lemans 18" Fatboy

"Just got back from Laconia N H from bike week and I put 2500 miles on my bike. The Lemans wheels and Metzler tires are great. Attached is a picture of my 06 Fatboy." John Yaboni

#168 Primitive 2008 Nightrain

Tony Viscomi decided on our Hogpro Primitive wheels to transform his 2008 Softail Nightrain. These wheels really look great with that type of paint. He went with a 21 + 18" wheel combination.

#167 Indy RPM Deuce Left Side

This 2003 Deuce went high performance with our Hogpro RPM Indy wheels and Lyndall Racing composite brake rotors. Thanks Doug Daliser of Tappan, New York.

#166 Indy RPM Deuce Right Side

Doug's bike also features a custom paint job called "metal plate", Reinhart exhaust, as well as many other goodies.

#165 Xtreme Ice

If you are looking for a more radical look then xtreme machine makes the wheels you are looking for. This softail deulxe features the ice design in 16" wheels. Looks great Ronnie

#164 "Dinger's" Heritage

Dinger went with some Big Fatty wheels on his 2007 Heritage. A 21 x 3.5 is on the front and a 18 x 4.25 is in the rear. Those Big Fatty wheels really look great on any heritage.

#163 8 Spoke Springer

Garriemor "BAYZIAN" Navarro dressed up his 2005 Softail Springer with a 21 x 2.15 front and a 18 x 4.25 rear set of chrome 8 spokes. Now that is how a Springer should look!

#162 Panther 2007 Fatboy

"Cory/Rob,I wanted to thank you both for your outstanding customer service and support with the ordering of the 18” chrome Hog Pro saver set I put on my 2007 fatboy. The new rims totally change the look of the bike. Every where I go people comment on how good they look. Enjoy the pics!!" Darin Jarvis of our US Air Force

#161 Elite Softail Custom

Nick of PA dressed up his 2007 Softail Custom with our Hogpro Saver Set Eltie wheels. 21 X 2.15 for the front and a 17 x 6.25 for the rear.

#160 60 Spoke Twisted Deuce

Customer writes "Thanks Jerry for every thing you done . Got me fixed up with no problems on my 2000 Deuce with a 18 x 5.5 60 twisted spoke and an Avon 180 . Thanks Jerry !! Sean McDonal , Mobile , Alabama"

#159 Black Panther's


#158 Panther Softail

Customer writes:
Guys, Thanks so much for your help in the purchase of my Panther wheels. You guys are great! Jerry you said when I get them on to send a pic. Thanks Again, Craig

'05 Softail. 21 x 2.15" front, 18 x 4.25" rear, and 160 Metzeler rubber.

#157 Night Train

This 1999 Night Train gets all the goods! A 18 x 5.50" rear with 180 tire and Fat Back fender. A 21 x 3.25" front with 120 tire and Long OCF front fender. The 180 was done in a stock swing arm with a 133T 20 MM belt and 70T x 20 MM pulley. Look at all the other details that make this a #1 Night Train! Thanks to Paul Highland.

#156 Dominator Deluxe

This 19 x 3.0" and 18 x 4.25" chrome Dominator combo look sweet on a '05 Deluxe. Thanks to Mark Steenhoek of Norwalk, IA.

#155 Daytona Deuce

This very clean 2005 Deuce gets a new set of chrome Hogpro Daytona wheels. This customer went with our recommended 18 x 5.50" rear and 21 x 2.15" front along with matching components. This allows a 180 MM rear tire to bolt up with no mods! Thanks to Paul Copenhaver of MO.

#154 Phoenix 21 Heritage

This very clean anniversary Heritage Classic gets a chrome Renegade Phoenix set. It features a 21 x 3.25" front and 18 x 4.25" rear along with Metzeler rubber. Thanks to "Beavis" of Phoenix, AZ.

#153 '08 Night Train

This "Rock Stock" Night Train changes gears with only a 21 x 2.15" Black magic Indy and matching rotor. Thanks to the boys at Van Nuys Harley Davidson!

#152 P-3 on '07 sdeuce

Customer writes :
"Here are some pictures of my bike, 2007 Softail Deuce, with the P-3s I purchased from you. Looks good! I call my bike DRAGULA." Thanks, Vinny

#151 Ambush on Deuce

This '04 Deuce gets a Hogpro "Ambush" front wheel & rotor. nice paint job! Thanks to Jeff Musumeci of New York.

#149 Deuces Wild

This '06 Deuce gets a Hogpro "DBO" rear fender, and a set of Hogpro "Lemans" wheels. 18x5.5 rear, 21x2.15 front, matching pulley & rotors, and Avon rubber. Thanks to Don Ott & Beach Customs of Little river, SC!

#148 Black Magic Indy

Phillip Ho, of Torrence, CA decided to take his '07 Fatboy over to Hogpro to check out our showroom. The Black Magic "Indy" wheel really caught his eye. A few moments later he was scheduled for an installation, having taken advantage of the option to mix & match black & chrome.

-'07 fatboy
- 18x3.5 Black Magic "Indy" front w/ chrome rotor & Metzeler 140 tire.
- 18x5.5 Black Magic "Indy" rear w/ chrome pulley, chrome rotor, and Metzeler 200 tire.

#147 Black Magic Indy (Left Side)

Notice the beautiful contrast that the chrome pulley and rotor add. Good decision Phil!

#146 Bob's '06 FXSTS

This '06 Springer gets a set of Hogpro "Diablo wheels, rotors, and matching pulley. Needless to say, it looks like a whole new bike! the rear is a 18x5.5 with a 200 Metzeler tire. The front is a 21x2.15 with a matching Metzeler. Thanks to Bob Bayne of Blaine, WA!

#145 '04 Fat Deuce Kit

Speed Demon Cycles in CT purchased this Deuce 200 kit for their customer Mike Vail. He now runs a 18x5.5 wheel with an attractive 200 Metzeler. Thanks guys!!

#144 Nomad on Fatboy

This is a smooth look here. It's a set of Forge-Tec Nomad wheels in chrome, matching pulley, and rotors. 18x3.5 front w/ a Metzeler 140 tire, and 18x4.25 rear w/ a 160 tire. Thanks to Brian Kunar of Columbia, SC.

#143 Paul's "not so standard"

This '06 FXST gets a Wernimont "short tapered" front fender, Lemans 21x2.15 front wheel, pulley, and matching rotors.

"Thanks to Hogpro for making my sled look good!"
- Paul Cato of Conway, AR

#142 210 Night Train

This 2007 Night Train gets a set of Panther "P3" polished wheels. It features a 17 x 6.25" rear with a Metzeler 210 rear tire and a 21 x 3.50" front with a Metzeler 120 and Long tapered DBO fender. Thanks to Logan Robbins of Southern Cal.

#141 210 Night Train

Rear view of 210 tire.

#140 Raked Train

This anniversary Night Train has a wild frame rake and a front Lemans 21 x 2.15, matching rotors, and pulley. Thanks to Mike Dotson of Utah.

#138 Panther Fat Boy

Here is a set of our polished "Panther" 5's. They really compliment this '07 Fat boy. Our customer opted to go 17 x 6.25" rear and 17 x 3.50" front. He kept his Dunlop factory rubber. Thanks to Mark Russell of Southern California.

#137 Nor Cal Fat Boy

This customer rode his '07 Fat Boy about 5 hours to get to Hogpro where he had a set of chrome Indy's installed. The 18 x 5.5" rear and 18 x 3.5" front look sweet on this bike. Thanks to Alex Anderson.

#136 Carl's Springer

This '05 Softail Springer gets a set of Hogpro's brand new Black Magic "Mystic" wheels/rotors/pulley. These wheels are black anodized with a raw finish machined out. Perfect for this bike! Thanks Carl!

#135 Black Indy Night Train

This is one amazing '06 Night Train. It features tasty wrinkle paint and our Indy Black Magic wheels with 18 x 5.50" rear and 200 Metzeler rubber. Thanks to Dean Cain of woodstock, Ga.

#134 8 Spoke Phat Boy

This great looking Fat Boy gets our Fat Back fender, 8 spoke wheels, and 200MM rear Metzeler on a 5.50" wheel. Thanks to Jason!

#133 Slick Fat Boy

This Fat Boy bike get a set of our chrome 8 Spokes and looks hot!

#132 Mystic Deluxe

Our Mystic chrome wheels look right at home on this '05 Deluxe. Thanks to Jeff Koskie of So. Cal.

#131 Brody's Deuce

This very sweet Deuce receives a set of Hogpro "Lemans" wheels and a 200 tire kit. The owner did the install and reports that the bike gets "lots of looks" now. Thanks to Brody Bents of Fairmont, MN.

#130 Mystic Springer

What a perfect fit! Our Hogpro Black Magic "Mystic" on this 2005 Springer Softail. Thanks to Don Hays of Southern CA.

#129 Engage Fat Boy

When Paul Robertson decided to put the finishing touches on his cool Fat Boy he picked Forge-Tec Engage wheels. Paul opted for a 18 x 4.25" rear and 18 x 3.50" front along with Avon rubber. Thanks Paul!

#128 Indy Springer

This very cool 2004 Softail Springer gets a 18 x 4.25" rear Indy with 160 tire and 21 x 2.15" front along with a matching pulley and chrome 2 piece rotors. Thanks to Mark Mata!

#127 Lemans on Fatboy

Custom wheels for a custom Fatboy. This bike gets a 5 pc. set of our Lemans wheels. Looks good Alvin!

#126 Daytona Night Train

Black Daytona wheels on a '02 Night Train... Makes sense to me! Bill Voltolini went all out and also purchased a black matching pulley and 2 pc. black rotors. Thanks Bill!

#125 Lemans on 03 Fat Boy

This 03 fat Boy gets dressed up with our Hogpro Lemans wheels, chrome rotors, and matching chrome pulley. What a timeless look. Thanks to Frank P. of North Alabama.

#124 Mystic on Fatboy

Hogpro is extremely excited about our newest wheel. As you can clearly see in this photo, the "Mystic" design looks amazing on this 2003 Fatboy. Zeke of Los Angeles was the first customer to get these bad boys installed on his bike (18x4.25 rr w/ a 160 tire, 18x3.5 frt w/ a 140 tire, & matching rotors). Thanks Zeke!

#123 Scalpel on 2000 Fatboy

Timmy Ward went with a 5 pc. set of Forge Tec Scalpels on his 2000 Fatboy (18x3.5 front and rear, with matching pulley and rotors). Thanks Timmy!

#121 Tom's Fat Boy

This is Tom Miller's 1999 fatboy with our LeMans chrome wheels. There is a 18" in the back and 19" in the front. This bike is suited with many parts and accessories and these HogPro wheels were the final touch. Thanks Tom!

#120 Cyclone Night Train

George Civiletto of Fredonia, NY Threw a set of Extreme Machine "Cyclone" wheels on his 06 Night Train. Thanks for the business George! We hope to hear back from you!

#119 Sonic Fat Boy

This 2004 Fat Boy looks sweet with the addition of a 5 piece set of Hogpro "Sonic" wheels. It features a 18 x 4.25" rear and 160MM Metzeler along with a 18 x 3.50" front and 140. Thanks to Jim Hughes of Los Angeles, CA.

#118 Shredder Deuce

Jack Berlinger of Westlake, LA originally only purchased a front wheel for his 04 deuce. He recently called us up and ordered the matching rear Extreme Machine Shredder wheel. She's lookin' real good Jack!

#117 Vendettas on Fatboy

Robert Janusonis of Plainville, CT decided to go with a set of Wicked Image Vendettas on his 05 Fatboy. Thanks Robert!

#116 P-3 on Night Train

Jimmy Bagwell of Fort Bragg, NC decided to go with a set of our Hogpro P-3's on his 02 Night Train. Thanks Jimmy!

#115 "P3" Night Train

This fully customized Night Train gets a set of Hogpro "P3" wheels, rotors, and pulley. It's ready to race down that Hawaiian drag strip!

#114 Panther 200 Fat Boy

Here is a real sweet 95" '02 Fat Boy, stretched tank, lowered 1 inch, Cruiser fender, Hogpro polished "Panther" wheels with 18 x 5.5" rear and 200 tire! Thanks to Carl of Bridgewater, MA.

#113 Lemans on Fatboy

Karen Parker of Alta Loma, CA dressed up her 04 Fatboy with a set of our Hogpro Lemans wheels. Her husband Tony says she gets plenty of compliments, and we don't doubt it! Thanks guys!

#112 6 Pack on FXST

Hogpro delivered this front 6 Pack wheel just in time for Joe Conrad of Warren NJ to bolt it on and take it to a show! Thanks Joe!

#111 Monterey Deuce

Check this sharp 2005 Deuce featuring a set of Renegade "Monterey" chrome wheel, pulley, and brake rotors. The rear is a 18 x 5.50" and 180mm Avon. Thanks to David Underwood of Shepherdsville, KY.

#109 Slick 60 Deuce

This sharp 95" Deuce gets a set of 2 piece "Monza" rotors to go with the 60 Spoke wheels and 180mm rear tire. Thanks to Kirk Jacinto of Fresno, CA.

#106 Todd's Bobber

This 1986 Softail takes on a complete new look after the owner tore it down and created a sweet scooter!. It features Hogpro "Charger" wheels. Thanks to Todd Bigelow of West Hills, CA.

#105 LeMans Heritage

This aniversary Heritage Classic gets a chrome set of Hogpro LeMans wheels, pulley, and rotors. It features a 18 x 4.25" rear and 18 x 3.50" front along with Metzler 160 rear and 140 front tires. Thanks to Mark Miller of Sarasota, FL.

#103 LeMans Train

This '06 Night Train Gets a set of Hogpro "LeMans" chrome wheels and Avon Rubber.

#102 Classic Deuce

This '05 Deuce gets a set of Hogpro "Classic" chrome wheels featuring a 18 x 5.50" rear and 180 Avon. Thanks to Paul Fournier of Spencer, MA.

#101 Phoenix Deuce

This Deuce get a set of Renegade "Phoenix" chrome wheels, matching pulley and rotors. In addition a 180 x 18 rear tire. Thanks to Jan Jensen of South Florida.

#100 Panther Fat Boy

This 2000 fat Boy gets a 5 piece set of our "Panther" polished wheels. Looks sweet! Thanks to Diane Betts of Lompoc, CA.

#99 6 Pack Standard

This 2006 Softail Standard gets a set of black powder coated Hogpro "6 Packs" and Avon rubber. The rear is a 18 x 5.50" with 200 tire. Thanks to Tom Norris of Oregonia, OH.

#98 Venice Deuce

Here is a VERY NICE 2001 Deuce sporting a set of Renegade "Venice" polished wheels and a Hogpro 200 tire kit. The Avon Rubber gives this bike a very aggressive stance. Thanks to Cory Carpenter of New Oxford, PA.

#97 Panther's On Hogpro Bike

This is our 2006 Night Train with polished Panther's and our new "DBO" bolt on fender with L.E.D. The front fender is a RWD "Long OCF". This bike runs a 18 x 5.50" rear with 200mm Avon and a 120/70-21 front on a 3.50" wheel. Watch this bike for new updates.

#96 Hogpro Bike 2

Here is a rear shot of our new "DBO" fender and 200 tire. The L.E.D. Has built in turn signals. Also available as a bolt on for all years of Deuce!

#95 8 Spoke Deluxe

This 2006 Softail Deluxe gets a set of Hogpro 8 Spokes featuring a 19 x 3.0" front with 120 tire along with a 18 x 4.25" rear and 160 tire. Thanks to Heath Thomas of Yorba Linda, CA.

#94 Mystic 2007 Fatboy

Rocky went with our Hogpro Mystic 17" wheels on his 2007 Fatboy. Rocky wanted to be #94 so here it is.

#94 Indy Fat Boy

This sweet fat Boy gets a set of Hogpro "Indy" 18 inch chrome wheels, pulley, and rotors. The shot is taken at historic Castillo de San Marcos completed in 1695 after 23 years of construction. Thanks to Mike Shepard of St. Augustine FL.

#93 Delux 50 Spoke

This 2005 Delux gets a set of Hogster "Big Fatty" rims with powdercoated spokes plus matching chrome center 2 piece rotors and pulley. Thanks to Brian Mckinney of Canyon Country, CA.

#92 Panther Fat Boy

Here is a 2000 Fat Boy with a new set of our polished "Panther" wheels, rotors, and pulley. Cool paint! Thanks to Matt Trevena of Overland Park, KS.

#91 200 6 Pack

This anniversary Softail Standard get a set of Hogpro "6 Pack's" plus a Fat Back rear fender and 200 tire kit. Very Nice!! Thanks to Larry of Apple Valley, MN.

#90 Le Mans 21" Fat Boy

We installed a set of FXST chrome lowers on this '06 S/E. This allowed us to bolt the Fat Boy front fender on to a 21 x 3.25" wheel and run a 120/70-21 Metzler. We also dropped the front 1". We used a 18 x 5.50" rear and 200MM Metzler and our Hogpro 2 piece brake rotors. Thanks to Amir Rad of Canoga Park, CA.

#89 Sonic Deuce

Here is a great Deuce after the addition of a Hogpro "Sonic" set and a PM Phatail kit. This 240 rear Metzler really kicks this bike. Thanks to Jose Malave of Peurto Rico.

#88 Daytona Deuce

This sweet '06 Deuce gets a set of Hogpro "Daytona" wheels, pulley, and rotors. Thanks to Brian Tully of So. Cal.

#87 Nightmare fat Boy

Wow! This '99 looks better than new. Michael Cassell of Norton, VA installed a set of 18" Renegade "Nightmare's". Thanks Mike.

#86 Ken's Deuce

These chrome Hogpro "Daytona's" look sweet on this Deuce. The owner says the bike gets lots of attention since adding the wheels! Thanks to Ken Nance of Tanner, AL.

#84 Venice Deuce

This FXSTD has just the right touches to set it apart from the pack. The Renegade "Venice" wheel set sure doesn't hurt either! Thanks to Roark Endlich.

#83 Daytona Fat Boy

This 2005 Fat Boy takes on a custom look after adding a 5 piece set of Hogpro "Daytona's". Thanks to Paul Evans of Long Beach, CA.

#82 200 LeMans

This cool Deuce gets one of our Hogpro 200 tire kits along with a chrome LeMans 18 x 5.5" rear wheel, matching rotor and pulley. Thanks very much to Chris Reuter of Nebraska.

#81 Top Notch Springer

This Heritage Springer looks awsome with the addition of Hogster "Big fatty" wheels. Lots of other cool additions personalize this bike. Thanks to Bobby Leamon of Harrison, TN.

#80 Nightmare Softail

This 2006 Stantard gets a complete set of Renegade "Nightmares" including a 17 x 6.25" rear and 200mm Tire. Thanks to Steve Noel of Westerville, OH.

#79 Vicki's Deuce

This girl never stops surprising the guys at Hogpro with each new addition to her Deuce. This totally custom ride gets the finishing touch with a set of Renegade "Phoenix" wheels. Thanks to Vicki Schaeffer.

#78 LeMans Fat Boy

Here is a cool 2004 Fat Boy with a new set of Hogpro "LeMans" 16" chrome wheels. Thanks to Ernie Unland of Tujunga, CA.

#77 Indy Fat Boy

This 2002 Fat Boy has a changed look with its custom fenders and Hogpro "Indy" set. Nice bike! Thanks to Anthony Fischer of Jeannette, PA.

#75 Vegas 200

Here is a very cool Deuce with a set of Hogpro "Vegas" wheels and 200 kit. Thanks to Dan Bauhs of Sun Prairie, WI.

#74 Indy Deluxe

The 16" Hogpro "Indy's" do it for this '06 Softail Deluxe. Thanks to Sue Miller of Canoga Park, CA.

#73 Doug's Deuce

This beautiful 95 inch Deuce gets a new set of Hogpro "Daytona's" along with a Hogpro 200 kit and Avon 200 rear tire. We fitted a "Rambler" 6.25 front fender over the 21 x 3.25" front wheel. Thanks to Doug Taylor of Northern Ca.

#71 Daytona Night Train II

We've installed 3 degree Pro-One tripples, powder coated the lowers, black bars, PM Renthal grips and chrome pull backs. Watch for more mods coming soon!

#70 Indy Fat Boy

Wow! The custom paint has some competition from those good looking wheels. Nice bike! Thanks to Teresa Woodrow of Woodland Hills, CA.

#69 Daytona Fat Boy

This 2004 Fat Boy gets a set of Hogpro "Daytona" chrome wheels. The set runs a 18 x 4.25" rear with 160 and a 18 x 3.50" front with 140 Metzlers. Thanks to Armando Rivera of Southern CA.

#68 8 Spoke Screamin Eagle

Here is a very sharp 2005 S/E Fat Boy. The 18" Hogpro 8 spoke wheels add the finishing touches to this factory hot rod. Thanks to Mike Capps of Pelham, AL.

South Beach Deuce 200

Here is a very sharp anniversary Deuce. We installed a set of Renegade "South Beach" chrome wheels along with a Hogpro 200 tire kit. Thanks to Rick Wessels of Newbury Park, CA.

Killi's Deluxe

This cool 2005 Softail Deluxe gets a "Vegas" set with 18" rear and 21" front wheels. Very sharp! Thanks to Killi of Brentwood, CA.

Fat Deuce

This very sharp 2004 Deuce really shines with the addition of a set of Hogpro "8-Spoke" wheels including a 200 rear tire. Many thanks to Manny Pujols of Tarytown, NY.

Eric's Springer

This 2004 Softail Springer looks real sharp with the addition of a Hogpro "Big Fatty" set. Spared no expense on these chrome wheels and other motorcycle upgrades! Thanks to Eric Watson of Centerburg, OH for sharing this picture with us.

Sonic Deuce

This Deuce looks great with the addition of a Hogpro "Sonic" set featuring a 18 x 5.50" rear and a 180 tire. Thanks to Jose Malave of FT. Buchanan, P.R.

"Tom's Train"

Wow! This is a sharp Night Train!! This bike includes Renegade "Slayer" wheels, a Hogpro Fat Back fender kit, kick ass paint, and many other sweet touches. Thanks to Tom Merz of Industry, PA.

Bryan's Deuce

How about this one off custom Harley! Bryan Carter of Joppa, MD had a vision of what a his stock Deuce should be, and he followed through. The wild custom paint, PM Phatail kit, and Hogpro "6 Pack" wheels all add to this beautiful bike. Thanks Bryan!

Sonic Fat Boy

Glen Rice of Southern CA sweetened up his '95 Fat Boy with a set of 18" Hogpro "Sonics". Custom paint and new chrome billet wheels…nice combination! Thanks for the picture Glen.

Big Fatty On Night Train

Check this slick Night Train with our Radial 50 Spoke "Big Fatty", a 16" chrome smoothie and polished custom smooth rear rotor. Picture thanks to Todd Theobold of Chillicothe, OH.


Here is our shop 2004 Fat Boy with our "8-Spoke" 18" custom chrome wheel set. This bike is running our strutted rear fender, a 200MM Metzler, and 2006 Softail belt drive! Nice Motorcycle!


Here is a picture of the rear of our black Fat Boy With our custom fender and a Metzler 200MM Tire. JPG

Susan's Sonic

This '98 Softail comes alive with the addition of this Hogpro "Sonic" set. The bike runs a 18 x 3.5" rear and a 21 x 2.15 front. Perfect balance of black and chrome on this Harley-Davidson Bagger! Picture courtesy of Susan Camarillo of Oxnard, CA.

"Murph's" Fat Boy

This anniversary Fat Boy looks sweet with that "slammed" rear end and a brand new set of Hogpro 18" "Sonics". Love the picture and the tons of custom chrome. Much thanks to Murph of Ocean City, MD. Thanks, JPG

Reggie's Nightmare

Reggie Burks Deuce wakes right up with the addition of these Renegade "Nightmare" wheels, pulley, and rotors. Wicked use of custom chrome on this motorcycle. Thanks Reggie!

Mike Heagerty's Fat Boy

Mike Heagerty asked Hogpro to install our 180 Fat Back fender kit on his Fat Boy. We sent out the sheet metal to Doug's Custom for paint and here is the finished bike. Cant go wrong with chrome wheels on a Harley-Davidson. Looks great Mike!

Wicked 180 Night Train

Brian Haffner transformed his Night Train into a one-off custom. He chose a Hogpro "Fat Back" 180 rear fender along with a set of Wicked Image "Nightmare" wheels. PM forward controls get this beauty down the street. Custom chrome wheels with matching pulley and rotors on this hog. Thanks Brian!

180 Fat Boy

Hogpro's '04 FLST with a 18 x 5.50" rear wheel and 180 tire. We now offer this Bolt-On strutless fender with frenched in L.E.D. light with turn indicators, billet license plate frame, and plug in wiring harness. All 2000 + Softail models except Deuce. Now available in stock. Black and Chrome nicely mixed on this motorcycle.

Bob's Fat Boy

Bob Wilder of Rapid City, SD is proud of his Anniversary Fat Boy, and he should be! Bob added a set of "Hogster" 50 spoke radial wheels and matching rotors. Nice Motorcycle! Phil and the Hogpro staff.