Dyna, FXR, XL




#113 Dyna Switchback Titan 21"

Rosalind's third bike with us turned out great with our chrome Titan 21" front wheel. Thanks so much Rosalind!

#112 Black Big Daddy 21x3.5 18x5.5

Matt from Virginia spiced up his 2012 Dyna Wide Glide with a set of Black Big Daddy rims in 21x3.5 and 18x5.5 with tires. The addition of a wrapped front fender and these wheels give this motorcycle and entirely new personality. Well done. Thank you for your business and enjoy!

#111 Vivid Black Titan 18 Front and Rear

Daryl from Oakland, CA got a set of our Vivid Black Titan wheels in 18x3.5 and 18x5.5 with matching rotors, belt pulley, and tires for his 2010 Dyna Fatbob. This is one stunning Dyna and a sure show winner now. Thank you for your business and enjoy those fine looking rims.

#110 Vivid Black Shelby WG

Frank's 2012 Dyna Wideglide with our Vivid Black Shelby 21 x 3.25" front and 18 x 5.5" rear. Thanks Frank!

#109 Vivid Black Apollo 23" Dyna

Ric at The Bike Exchange is at it again. Dyna Streetbob with Vivid Black Apollo 23 + 18" wheels.

#108 Vivid Black Typhoon Sportster

Mike Miller's 2000 Sportster 88 cubic inch with our Vivid Black Typhoon wheels. 21 x 2.15" front, 16 3.5" rear, and 49T sprocket.

#107 Vapor Dyna Lowrider

Kellie Glaze's 2002 Dyna Lowrider with our chrome Vapor wheels, pulley, and rotors wrapped in Metzler tires. 21 x 2.15" front + 18 x 4.25" rear.

#106 Deviate 21" Sporty

2005 1200 Sportser with our chrome Deviate 21 x 2.15" front wheel. Thanks Normam Jutras from RI.

#105 P3 Dyna Superglide

Terry Penrod out of Buffalo NY went with chrome P3 wheels (19" + 16") on his 2001 Dyna Superglide. Great job on all the mods!

#104 Torque 7 Dyna Superglide

Gary's 1995 Dyna Superglide got the full Torque 7 treatment. Wheels, pulley, rotors, and tires. 19 x 2.15" front and 18 x 3.5" rear.

#103 Vivid Black Typhoon DynaWG

2011 Harley Dyna Wideglide with our Vivid black "Typhoon" wheels.

#102 Primitive Dyna SB

2012 Harley Dyna Streetbob with our Primitive wheels and an awesome custom paint job! Thanks John.

#101 Primitive XL

2004 XL custom with our black magic "Primitive" wheels. 21 x 2.15" + 18 x 4.25" with Metzlers. Thanks John Delaney from Mt. Washington.

#100 Dyna PM Heathen Platinum

A slick 2006 Dyna Supergilde trike comversion featuring a 21" Performance Machine Heathen Platinum Cut wheel out front. Love the paint! Picture courtesy of O.C. out of Danville, KY. Thanks!

#99 Rampage MOD Nemesis Dyna

2006 Dyna Lowrider with a 21 x 2.15" + 18 x 5.5" MOD Nemesis wheels and custom paint. Thanks George from Coventry, RI.

#98 Shelby Sportster

Tom Synder's 2005 Sportster with our chrome "Shelby" wheels. 21 x 2.15" front and 16 x 3.5" rear. I bet that NOS is a blast!

#97 "Shelby" Set on Dyna Wide

2006 Dyna Wide Glide with a complete set of Chrome "Shelby" wheels, pulley, and rotors. Thanks to Kevy Kevv of San Jose, Ca.

#96 Black Magic "Lemans"

2006 Dyna Streetbob with a complete set of Black Magic "Lemans" wheels, pulley, and rotors. Thanks Vicky Gibbs of Phoenix, AZ.

#95 Outlaw Dyna Superglide

2005 harley superglide with our new "Outlaw" chrome 21 x 2.15" front wheel and chrome "Smoothie" 18 x 4.25" rear wheel. Thanks Chad from Snellvile, GA

#94 Black Niner FXD

2008 Dyna Superglide with our Black Magic Niner wheels. If you are looking for a beautiful custom dyna look up Ric at Southeast Custom Cycles.

#93 BM 8 spoke Streetbob

2007 Harley Streetbob with our Black Magic 8 spoke wheels. The 21" front looks great with the fenderless look. Another amazing custom motorcycle from Ric at Southeast.

#92 Torque 7 Sportster

2009 Harley 1200XL with our chrome Torque 7 wheels, rotors, and pulley. Chrome wheels on a motorcycle always works! Thanks Danny from New Orleans. JPG

#91 PM Gasser Dyna

2008 Dynaglide with PM Gasser contrast cut wheels. 19" front + 18" rear. Thanks Ryan from T.O.

#90 Custom Sporty

Yes this bike started off as a stock sportster. Don Potter had the vision and skill to totally transform this 2005 XL1200R.

#89 Tuff Luck Fatbob

2008 Dyna Fatbob with stock size 16" chrome Wicked Image Tuff Luck wheels and matching pulley/brake rotors. Love the Fat 5-Spoke Billet Aluminum wheel look here. Thanks Kevin and Kay of Roanoke, VA. JPG

#88 FXR Reno

1984 FXR with a little creativity and money! Colorado customs Reno wheels compliment that amazing paint job. Nice Motorcycle! Picture courtesy of Walter Gilroy of RI.

#86 1200 Sportster PM Gasser

Jerrad Bates of Centerville TN bought this Gasser set by PM for his '05 1200.The bike has a 160 with a 18” back and a 21” front rim.
Chrome wheels on a motorcycle always works! Thanks Jerrad

#85 Epic Dyna

Brian Codianne,of Cedar Park,TX added this set of Epic Eclipse from R.C. Components to his 07 Streetbob. Black and Chrome nicely mixed on this motorcycle. JPG

#84 6 Pack Sporty

Is my bike worthy of your gallery?
Well Yeal!!! Never too much chrome on a Harley-Davidson, nice picture too! Thanks Juan

#83 Venice Sportster

Becky`s 2006 XL 1200L from central Louisiana with a set of Venice wheels and Metzler tires that really helped set off the rest of the bike Thank you Phil for the great customer service, and attention to details. Like the Custom chrome wheels with matching pulley and rotors on this hog. Picture courtesy of Carl

#82 Primitive Nightster

"Here is a picture of my 2007 Nightster with the new wheels." We think that the 19" front and 16"rear Primitive's Look Great on Your ride!! Black Panther wheels a nice fit in this picture and the AZ backround is nice Too!! Thank You Sandy

#81 Primtive Streetbob

"Here are a couple pictures of my 95’ ’06 Dyna Street Bob with your Primitive wheels. Front is 21 x 2.15” with 90/90 Metzler, back is 18 x 5.5 with 18/180 Metzler. The fit was perfect, simply bolt on and ride. Thanks for the great product."
Great picture, custom paint complimented by our black panther wheels and rotors. Thanks to Rusty of De Forest, WI

#80 Dyna Lowrider Daytona

It sure doesn't look like a dyna lowrider but it started out that way. After a wide ass kit and Dayonta wheels it looks like a true custom. Nice balance of color and chrome on this Harley-Davidson. Thanks James Gray

#79 Sportster 883

Jon of Ontario Canada dressed up this 2003 Hugger with our chrome 8 spoke wheels, pulley, and mathcing brake rotors. A lot of chrome and new billet wheels…nice combination! JPG

#78 Dominator 2007 Dyna Lowrider

Hi guys, Just wanted to share a couple photos of my 2007 low rider with your "Dominator" wheels. I am running a 21"x3.5" with 120/70-21 tire in front and an 18"x5.5" with 180/55-18 in back. I love the look of the larger front wheel in front. Thanks for making a great product at a great price! Chad from Wisconsin

#77 Primitive on 08 Dyna

Blackie Clark of Bad Magik Kustoms took a stock 2008 Dyna Streetbob and transformed it into this bad ass custom. This bike sports too much to list but if your want a Dyna done right look up Blackie in Oak Grove, LA. Beautiful picture of your Harley-Davidson!

#76 South Beach Dyna

Jeff of Linclon Nebraska set off his 2007 dyna wideglide with a set of Renegade South Beach wheels. He put a 21 x 2.15 on the front and 180 Metzler tire on a 18 x 5.5 rear wheel. Nice mix of black, chrome and white on this motorcycle. JPG

#75 RPM 8 spoke Dyna Street Bob

2006 Street Bob with our RPM 8 spoke wheels. Tim Kuniskis of San Clemente California went with a 18 x 5.5 rear wheel and a 21 x 3.25 front. Not only does this bike look great but he has around a 100 hp on it as well. Nice Motorcycle! Picture courtesy of Tim.

#74 Panther XL

This sweet 2005 Sportster gets a wide glide front end along with a chrome set of Hogpro Panther's. 21 x 2.15" front and 18 x 4.25" rear including a 160 Metzeler. Nice picture of your Harley-Davidson! Thanks to Chuck.

#73 Mutiny Drop Seat Sporty

This proves that our Black magic Indy's look sweet on customs as well as stockers. Great job on this bike to Delbert Soucier! Nice custom and wheel look in this picture. JPG

#72 Sonic Wide Glide

Customer Writes :
"Hi, Byron Simmons here from Lewiston, Idaho. Sending you a pic of my bike with
your Sonic wheels,rotors,Pulley. Got lots of compliments at Sturgis."

21x2.15 font with 90/90-21 Avon tire and 16x3.5 with 150/16 rear tire. Chrome Billet wheels a hot look with this custom scheme! Thanks Byron!

#71 Indy Low Rider

Tim Landis of So. Cal. brought his 2008 FXDL in for some wheels. He chose our Indy "Black Magic" series. The rear is adorned with a 18 x 5.50" and Metzeler 180. We ditched the 19" front for a 21. Black anodized aluminum wheels look great on this ride! Thanks Tim!

#70 Diablo Low Rider

This 2001 Dyna belongs to Barry Smith of Southern Cal. Barry chose a set of chrome 16 / 21 "Diablo" wheels, rotors, and pulley. A perfect design for this bike! Chrome wheels on a motorcycle always works. Thanks Barry.

#69 Dominator Dyna

Real nice '05 Dyna with Dominator wheel set, HHI calipers, and Metz tires. Never too much chrome on a Harley-Davidson. Thanks to Mike Benoit of San Antonio, TX.

#68 Mark's Low Rider

Check out this beautiful 1988 FXLR. The owner pays attention to detail on this bike. It features our LeMans wheels including a 18 x 4.25" rear and 160 Metzeler. Color and Chrome nicely mixed on this motorcycle. Thanks to mark Bishop of Lee, NH.

#67 240 Dyna

This wild Dyna takes on a totally different look. It features a set of Forge-Tec Engage wheels in chrome. Custom chrome wheels with matching pulley and rotors on this hog. JPG

#66 Sonic on '02 Dyna

This Dyna gets a complete set of Hogpro "Sonic" wheels, rotors, and pulley in chrome. This customer brought to our attention that a rear shot of this wheel would be useful, so we have also included this shot down below. Thanks to Brian Tucker of Cedar Rapids, IA.

#65 Sonic Rear Shot

'02 Dyna - 18x3.5 wheel with a 150mm tire, matching pulley, and rotor. Great picture, custom paint complimented by our chrome wheel and rotors. Thanks again Brian.

#64 Black Street Bob

This '07 Street Bob is one of the nicest Dyna's we've seen. It features a lot of custom work, including a set of P.M. Wrath wheels powder coated by Hogpro. Nice custom Black-Out and wheel look in this picture. Thanks to Joe Elie of Lewiston, Maine.

#63 XL 8 Spoke

This 2005 XL 1200C receives a Hogpro 21 x 2.15" 8 Spoke front and a solid chrome 18 x 4.25" rear along with a 160 rear Metzeler. Hot! A lot of chrome and new billet wheels…nice combination! Thanks to Chris Catuogno of Palm Harbor, FL.

#62 07 Street Bob Panther

This customer powder coated a rear Deuce wheel (18x5.5) and purchased a Hogpro Panther powder coated black wheel from us. Nice mix of black, chrome and silver on this motorcycle. Thanks to Halen King of San Marcos, TX.

#61 Charger Wide Glide

Hogpro Charger wheels on a 98 Dyna Wide Glide. Nice Motorcycle! Picture courtesy of Paul Wirral of the U.K.

#60 Panther Wide Glide

This 2006 Dyna Wide Glide gets a set of our Panther's complete with 180 rear Metzeler. Beefy spokes and a lot of custom chrome looks great in this picture, what a backdrop! Thanks to William Hollar of Hawaii.

#59 Sharp 883

This 2006 883 Sportster gets a 5 piece set of our 6 Packs and features a 18 x 4.25" rear with a 160MM Metzeler. This bike belongs to Robert Stephenson here at Hogpro. Nice Motorcycle! Picture courtesy of Rob.

#58 883 Side View

#57 Daytona Dyna

Here ia a sweet 2004 FXDLI featuring a set og Hogpro "Daytona" wheels, rotors, and pulley. This bike also has HHI brakes and a Rambler front fender. Sweet! Thanks to Fred Bartlett of Winchester, CA.

#56 Elite Wide Glide

This beautiful Wide Glide comes alive with a 5 piece Hogpro "Elite" chrome wheels.

#55 Randy's Wide Glide

Randy of FT Myers, FL went with a set of our Hogpro Classic wheels. The reason why we call this rim the "Classic," is because those 5-spoke wheels will never go out of style! Thanks for the biz Randy!

#53 Mark's FXR

This is an amazing example of a custom FXR. Chopper guys frame, with special 3" longer swing arm! 107" Zippers based Twin Cam w/billet heads.
Thanks to Mark McDaniel, Valley Harley-Davidson, Stockton, CA. (Oh yeah, how about those Hogpro wheels!)

#51 Daytona Dyna

This very slick '99 FXDX is a potent fun 90HP and "handles like it is on rails" says builder Blackie Clark. The Hogpro "Daytona" polished wheels really do it for this bike. Thanks to John Moss of Oak Grove, LA.

#50 8 Spoke Wide Glide

Another great looking Dyna sporting a Hogpro wheel set. This '06 gets a 18 x 5.50" rear with 180 tire. Thanks to Travis Lippman of Virginia Beach, VA.

#49 Lemans XL

This very sharp 2005 Sportster get a "LeMans" set including a 18 x 4.25" rear and a 21 x 2.15" front along with matching rotors and pulley. Thanks to "Sigdi" from Peurto Rico.

#48 Monterey 200 Wide Glide

Wow! This 2006 Wide Glide gets set up with Renegade "Montery" Wheels, PM brakes, 18 x 5.50" rear with a 200mm Metzler. Thanks to Jeff of Southern, CA.

#47 Monterey 200 Rear Shot

Monterey 200 Metzler Rear.

#46 Indy Low Rider

This '04 FXDL is tastefully done with lots of Black out in just the right places. The polished "Indy's" really set this bike off. Thanks to Clint "Blackie" Clark.

#45 Monterey Dyna

This '06 Low Rider gets a complete set of Renegade "Monterey's". It features a 18 x 5.5" rear wheel and a 180 Metzler. Thanks to Shawn Scott of Alberta, Canada.

#44 200 Dyna

WOW! Check out this 2006 Low Rider. The owner was kind enough to leave it with us long enough to work out installing a 200MM Metzler on a set of Hogpro 18 x 5.50" and 21 x 2.15" 8-Spokes. Works great! Thanks to Roman and Chris Rios of San Fernando, CA.

#43 200 Dyna Side

Picture #2

#42 200 Dyna Rear Shot

Picture #3

#40 Slayer Wide Glide

This Dyna Wide Glide gets some definate "eye candy" with the addition of this Renegade "Slayer" wheel set. Thanks to John & Eva Thompson of Woodbridge, VA.

#38 Sonic FXD

This Classic Anniversary FXD looks very clean with many nice touches including a set of Hogpro "Sonics". Thanks to Bob Verstreater.

#37 LeMans Low Rider

Wow! We love this 2005 Dyna sporting HHI brakes and a full set of our "LeMans" chrome wheels including a 18 x 4.25 rear and a 21 x 2.15 front. Thanks to Gary Goellner of Simi Valley, CA.

#35 8 Spoke Wide Glide

Harley's 2006 Dyna models are the best yet. This Wide Glide just got better with the addition of Hogpro "8 Spokes" that feature a 18 x 5.50" rear with 180MM Metzler rubber. PM front and rear brakes help pull this bike down from speed. Thanks to Steve Parcels of Corona, CA.

#31 Steve's Dyna

Here is a real sharp '97 Dyna Wide Glide with a matched set of Hogpro "Sonic" rims. Thanks to Steve Delahoussaye of Boynton Beach, FL.

#29 Sonic Wide Glide

Amazing how a sharp fender and wheel can make such a dramatic change on this 2004 Dyna Wide Glide! Thanks to Dennis Kirkwood of Brighton, MI.

#27 130 HP FXR

Hogpro has built a 100% pure Hot Rod for a special customer. The customer wanted a thrilling bike that is not only brutally fast, but handles and goes down the road smoothly. This is the bike! Chopper Guys standard FXR. 124" S & S, Baker 6-speed, JMC Aluminum swingarm, Storz inverted front end, Works Performance shocks, Weld Charger "5" wheels with a 19 x 3.0" front and 120/19 V-Rod tire.