#174 Nightrod Special 2016 23"+ 18'

A customer of ours purchased our NR12-Split wheel set and then went ahead and gave them a new color.
(23'' front 18x10'' rear) Looks Great!!!

Thanks Canel R.

#173 Custom NRS with 23" + 300

Steve Play's amazing NRS build with our 300 kit and replica wheels. 23" front with too many custom parts to list.

#172 NRS with 300 rear + 23" front

Jeff from Black and Gold hooked up his 2013 VRSCDX with our 23" front and 300 rear.

#171 2013 Night Rod w/300 Kit

This sweet ride was built by Dave over at Mild & Wild Custom Cycles, Prestons, Australia. It features the Hogpro 300 kit, our 8-Spoke Black Magic wheel set with a 23" front wheel, wrap fender, air ride, and much more. Nice job!

#170 2009 VRod Muscle w/300 Kit

This 09 Vrod Muscle goes to a whole new level with a Hogpro 300 Kit, stock style polished aluminum wheels front and rear and too many other parts to list. This bikes rolls in style in Guam. Pic courtesy of Josh

#169 Dr. Death's 2008 Night Rod Special

Dr. Death from East Warren, Ohio got a 300 wide tire kit with an all black 18x10 rear wheel and a 280 Ride Hard Rod fender with a 280 tire. The bike "Darth Vader" is all blacked out. Every nut, every bolt, all black! The bike came out great and thanks for your business and the picture Dr. Death. Enjoy!

#168 Apollo chrome with 280 kit

Ivan from Norway got our chrome Apollo wheels in a 19x3 and 18x10 with our 280 wide tire swing arm kit for his 06 A model VROD. The bike came out great.

#167 Chrome Apollo 19+18

Here is a shot of the front 19x3 on Ivan's 06 VROD with the 18x10 with our 280 kit on the rear.

#166 "Big Nasty"

The sickest blacked out NRS to ever grace our website! Featuring our 300 kit, black LRB rotors, and too much more too list. Thanks Pierre from Sweden.

#165 Black Magic Primitive 19 and 18

Bruce from Mission Viejo, CA got a set of black magic Primitive wheels for his 2013 Night Rod Special with our HogPro rotor adapters and a powder coated rear rotor and belt pulley. This is one clean looking VROD!

#164 2009 Nightrod 300

This beauty has many upgrades including our Hogpro 300 kit and a change to the newer style split-spoke wheel. Pic courtesy of Chad from Ontario, Canada.

#163 Indy Black magic

Joe got a set of Indy black magic rims on his 2007 Night Rod Special. This bike is a multiple show winner and we can see why.

#162 Indy Muscle Chrome

One of the sickest Muscle builds out there courtesy of Andy Artieda of Texas. Features our 300 chrome kit, Indy wheels+pulley, Galfer rotors.

#161 Chrome 6 pack on 2004 VRSCB

2004 Harley V-Rod with our chrome 6 pack wheels, matching pulley, and matching rotors. Thanks Phil Quatrano bike looks fantastic!

#160 Vivid Black Apollo Muscle

Another wonderful creation from Warapat. Love the orange paint with our Vivid Black Apollo wheels.

#159 Black Magic"Torque 5" NRS

Warapat from Thailand dressed up his NRS with our Torque 5 wheels and his own custom swingarm. Bike is also running Ride Hard Rod fenders and covers.

#158 5 spoke split 23"

Brad from Australia hooked up his VRSCAW with our chrome 300 kit and a custom one off 23" front wheel to match.

#157 Vivid Black "Apollo" Musc

All the way from Thailand this Muscle features our Vivid Black "Apollo" wheels, pulley, and rotors. 18 x 3.5" front with 18 x 10.0" rear.

#156 Black PC Panther NRS

Robert's NRS with our gloss black powdercoat Panther wheels, pulley, and rotors. Also featuring a Ride Hard Rod rear fender and custom seat.

#155 Black Magic "Torque 7" NR

2013 Nightrod Special with our BM Torque 7 wheels. 19 x 3.0" for the front and 18 x 8.5" for the rear.

#154 Black Magic Indy NRS

Black Magic "Indy" wheels, pulley, and rotors on 2011 Harley Nightrod special. 19 x 3.0" for the front and 18 x 8.5" for the rear.

#153 RPM Lemans All Black NRS

Our all black powdercoat RPM Lemans wheels with matching two piece black brake rotors.

#152 Lemans Set with 280 Kit

This black beauty came in for our 280 wide tire kit available for early model VRod's, and packaged that with our Chrome 19 x 3.0" front and 18 x 10.0" rear and custom rear fender.

#151 Lemans 280 Kit Rear Shot

Rear shot of our 280 wide tire kit and custom rear fender.

#150 Panther 300 NRS

Peter Tamas from Hungary hooked up his 2010 NRS with our black 300 kit and chrome Panther wheel set.

#149 RPM Black Lemans NRS

Denny from Indonesia sent us a pic of his 2009 NRS with our all black RPM Lemans wheels and 280 kit.

#148 Titan 2003 Rod

Ashley from Thailand hooked up his vrod with our 240 kit and our new Titan wheels.

#147 Custom Black Shelby NRS

Luis had us make a custom version of our Black Vivid Shelby for his 2012 NRS. He went with our 300 kit on the back and a 21" front.

#146 Chrome Indy 19" on Trike

Our Indy Wheel on this 09 VRSCAW with a trike kit from Hannigan Trikes in Murray, KY. "I thought you’d like a picture of the beautiful wheel you sent on my V-rod trike. Thanks again for your great service :)" Lesley, of Lebanon OH

#145 Shelby Chrome 2012 Vrod

10th Anniversity Vrod with our chrome Shelby wheels and 300 kit. Luis also went with a 21" front on this one with Legends shocks.

#144 Hogpro NRS

Just finishing up a few details on our 2007 NRS. 300 wide tire, black vivid shelby wheels, and much more.

#133 RPM Lemans NRS

2007 NRS with our RPM lemans wheels (21" + 18"), R1 upside down forks, drag bars, and much more. Thanks Richard from England.

#132 Muscle "Typhoon" 300

2011 Vrod Muscle featuring our Black Magic "Typhoon" rear 18 x 10" rear wheel and black 300mm widetire kit. Awesome job Tom Duma!

#130 Hogpro 300 Package on Nightrod

This 2007 VRod Nightrod features the Hogpro 300 Package. It includes the swingarm kit, rear slotted wheel, and Metzeler tire for $3495.00. The color matched black rear wheel works very with the bikes stock front wheel, and utilizes the stock pulley and rotor.

#131 Black Magic "Torque 5" Ro

2008 Vrod with our torque 5 black magic wheels. This vrod turns heads with the custom paint, bars, and wheels. Great job Ron Cross from Little Britian.

#129 Shelby Vrod

2006 Harley Nightrod with Shelby wheels, rotors and pulley. Nice Motorcycle! Picture courtesy of Claude from Columbia, SC

#128 VRSCA 2002 Mirage

2002 Vrod with our 240 kit, rampage mirage wheels, chrome fenders, bubs jug huggers, and tons of chrome. Thanks Scott Pearson from MN.

#127 NRS Lemans RPM

2008 NRS with our black and chrome Lemans RPM wheels. This bike also features our 300 wide tire kit, a 21 x 3.25" front wheel, and a custom rear fender. Thanks Alex from New Jersey.

#126 Indy Vrod

2005 Harley VRSCA with chrome Indy wheels. Stock size 19 x 3.0" front with 18 x 5.5" rear. Thanks Blaise from Santa Clarita, CA.

#124 Panther Vrod

2007 Vrod with our Panther chrome saver set. 18 x 8.5" rear with an Avon 250 rear tire. Thanks Trevor from the UK.

#125 Lemans RPM NRS

2010 NRS with our RPM Lemans wheels. Dom from Singapore also went with our 300 widetire kit on his motorcycle. This must be the nicest Vrod in the country!

#123 Black Torque 5 NRS

2007 Harley Night Rod Special with our 300 wide tire kit and black magic "Torque 5" wheels wrapped in Avon tires. Thanks Rob from Edmonton, Canada

#122 Lemans RPM NRS 09

2009 Night Rod Special with 300 kit and RPM all black Lemans wheels. Custom paint and new black billet wheels…nice combination! Picture courtesy of Cavan from Oshawa, Canada

#121 NRS Black Indy Super

2008 Nightrod special with Black Magic Indy wheels, 300 widetire kit, supercharger, and so much more. Nice picture of your Harley-Davidson! Thanks Bobby from Québec

#120 Honda VTX Epic

2004 Honda VTX 1800 with RC epic wheels in 18" front and rear. Custom paint and new chrome billet wheels…nice combination! Thanks Timonthy from OR

#119 Salem Vrod

2003 Harley Vrod with Salem wheels and PM brake calipers. Nice Motorcycle! Picture courtesy of Robert from San Marino, CA

#118 Custom Vrod

Now this is a custom vrod! I bet this bike really stands out in England. Love the Fat 5-Spoke Billet Aluminum wheel look here. Thanks Gary Blakeway. JPG

#117 Savage V-Rod

Dave from Campbell Hall, NY istalled Our 240 swingarm, and a set of RC Savage wheels on his '04. Custom paint and new chrome billet wheels…nice combination!

#116 Black Indy NRS

Harley Night Rod Special with black magic Indy wheels. Black anodized aluminum wheels look great on this ride! Thanks John Wink of Spring Hill, TN

#115 Lemans 280 Streetrod

Kasper of Denmark created this beatiful custom with our 280 wide tire kit. Many parts were fabracated including the rear fender by Kasper. Chrome Billet wheels a hot look with this color!This is the coolest streetrod I have ever seen! JPG

#114 Dominator Nightrod

Dave Herridge,of Kent England,says"Cheers guys this is a great kit its good to install" After adding Our 300 kit and set of Black Magic Dominator's with matching rotors and pully on his 07'. Black Panther wheels a nice fit in this picture.

#113 Vrod Bagger

Pat's 1430cc Road Rod features RCC Calypso single disc front wheel. This bike is sneaky fast so watch out rice rockets! Cant go wrong with chrome wheels on a Harley-Davidson. JPG

#112 Black Indy NRS 300

Dan Alt has outdone himself with this beatiful creation. Bike features our black 300 kit, Black Indy wheels, and too many mods to mention. Spared no expense on these black wheels and other motorcycle upgrades!

#111 Side Shot

2008 "Stock" Nightrod Special

#110 Lemans RPM NRS

Eric from Chiago IL, fattend up his 2008 Nightrod Special with our 280 kit and a set of all black RPM Lemans wheels. That is a JE Illusions rear custom fender

#109 Wrath V-Rod

Don Catalina of Manhattan Beach,CA.Dressed up his RED hot 02 with a set of PM Wrath wheels,with metzeler rubber. Custom paint and new chrome billet wheels…nice combination! Thanks for the picture Don. JPG

#108 240 V-Rod

Ernest De La Cruz of Dallas added our 240 kit to his '06 and says "I wanted to take a minute to Thank you and let you know I’m extremely happy with my purchase you guys run a good business and deliver." Never too much chrome on a Harley-Davidson. JPG

#107 Lemans V-ROD

I got my wheels Friday and had them put on Saturday.They look awesome! Beefy spokes and a lot of custom chrome looks great in this picture! Thank You,Robert Paulson, Folsom,CA

#106 Vrod 300

Nathan from Parts Pro in Australia dressed up this Vrod with our 300 kit and a set of Renegade South Beach wheels.

#105 240 Lemans

Here's an 06 with 240 kit & Lemans wheels
Thanks to Nathan Parry from Australia

#104 Nightrod Special 300

Kjetil of Norway created a unique Nightrod Special with our black 300 kit and a set of our RPM black Lemans wheels. Nice custom Black-Out and wheel look in this picture. JPG

#103 Rear Shot of 300

Here is a rear shot of the black Hogpro 300 swingarm kit on his bike. The massive 300 tire sure looks good in that stock fender.

#102 Netherlands Vrod

2008 Vrod features our Hogpro Saver Set Panther wheels. Custom chrome wheels with matching pulley and rotors on this hog. Patrick from the Netherlands must have one of the finest vrods in Europe.

#101 RPM Indy All Chrome

2008 VRSCAW w/ Hogpro RPM all chrome Indy wheels. 19 x 3" front and 18 x 8.5" rear wheel. Built by Trev Deeley Motorcycles Vancouver B.C.

#100 Indy Nightrod Special

2008 Night Rod Special with Hogpro Indy's built by Trev Deeley Motorcycles Vancouver BC Canada

#99 Hogpro 300 kit

We have finally finished our 300 wide tire kit for 2007-2008 vrods. Here is a picture showing off the chrome billet swingarm.

#98 Hogpro 300 kit rear view

Here is a picture showing off the massive 300 rear Metzler tire. Sure makes that stock 240 look pretty tiny! Custom wide wheel and tire are a hot look on this motorcycle! JPG

#97 Panther 2007 Nightrod Special

This 2007 Nightrod Special went with our Panther Chrome Saver Set with a set of Metzler tires. Jerry is running a 260 on the rear. Jerry Stitle of Beloit, OH did a great job on this Vrod.

#96 Black Panther Nightrod Special

Kurt of Speed Syndicate in Norway put our Panther wheels in black powdercoat on his Nightrod Special. Custom paint looks nice on this motorcycle. Great work on the bike, picture courtesy of Kurt!

#95 RPM Lemans

This 07 VRSCDX features our RPM Lemans all black wheels with a 260 tire, rizoma bars, golf club mirrors, arnott air ride suspension, and all sorts of black out goodies. Clinton is in the US Navy working in Israel and I bet he has everyone drooling over his bike over there!

#94 RPM Indy

Our customer writes: Jerry at hogpro is the BEST !!! I am sure he is glad my project is over so I will stop calling him . The indy 3 peice wheels are awsome. I loved the rolled lip on the rim. The chrome is first rate. Nice deep with no discoloring . The powdercoating is as good as I have seen ! I cant say enough about jerry and hogpro. William McFarland.

#93 RPM Indy 2

-RPM 3 Piece Indy's
-Chrome Center / Black Spokes
-18 x 10.0" Rear
-19 x 3.0" Front
-Hogpro 280 Kit
And of course, much much more!

#92 South Beach Rod

Customer Writes:
Here are some pics for your site of my '02 165hp Supercharged V-Rod, with the 240 kit and renegade wheels and tires I got from you. thanks!

#91 Performance Machine Gatlin

This 2004 V-rod gets a set of P.M. "Gatlin" wheels, rotors, and pulley with Metzeler tires. Thanks to Benjamin Settle of Swannanoa, NC.

#90 Neal' 240

This very clean anniversary V-Rod sports a Hogpro 240 kit along with a set of "Indy" wheels, rotors, and pulley. Lots of other cool adds makes this one SPECIAL!! Many thanks to Neil Andersen of Florida.

#89 V-rod From Down Under

This '04 gets a Hogpro 240 swingarm kit along with "Lemans" wheels and Metzeler rubber. Thanks to Ryan Abbott of Victoria, Australia!

#88 Panther 5 V-rod

Matt Skilton of Livermore, CA writes : "I finished getting the wheels mounted. Here are the pictures I promised. The 260 Metz works great and the wheels look WAY better than the originals! Thanks for the great service!" - Matt

*'07 VRSCAW with Hogpro "Panther 5" polished wheels.

#87 Samurai Rod

This '06 Street Rod gets a set of R.C. Components "Outlaw" wheels with Hogpro front V-rod rotor adapters (allowing you to retain your floating discs). Frank of Japan calls this his "Samurai Rod." Thanks Frank!

#86 300 VRSCAW

Our 2008 Our AW gets a 300 tire! This is our proto-type. Watch for our new billet swingarm coming soon!

#85 2008 Rear Shot - 260

#84 '08 "A"

Our Hogpro 2008 VRSCAW just begins its journey into customville with the addition of a chrome "Indy" set. The 18 x 5.50" rear sports a Metzeler 260. Watch for our 300 kit on this bike coming soon!

#83 '04 Twisted V-Rod

Customer Writes : "Ordered a set of custom wheels from you with matching rotors and pulley for my V-rod. "Twisted" style by Xtreme Machine. Also had you mount new tires on the wheels. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The "swap-out" with the factory wheels was a breeze. No issues whatsoever. You're on my "A" list of V-rod vendors. Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!! Charlie Secker."
-We appreciate the good P.R.! Thanks Charlie. She looks good!

#82 260 Panther

This 04 V-Rod gets laced up with a 260 kit & Hogpro "Panther" wheels poweder coated black. 18x8.5 rr, 19x3 frt, matching black pulley, and polished rotors. Thanks to Shane Mcgonnell of Windermere, FL.

#81 Turbo 240

This bike has the detail and the punch! It's a 2003 VRSCA featuring a Hogpro 240 kit, Panther 5 polished wheels, and a turbo. This bike easilly competes for "V-Rod Of The Year" in our book! Thanks to John Baltera of CT.

#80 Turbo 2

#79 Mystic Rod

This 2006 Street Rod belongs to Robert Stephenson who works in sales here at Hogpro. We think these "Black magic" Mystic's look really hot on his ride!

#78 Black Magic Special

Our Black Magic Indy's look right at home on this '07 Night Rod Special. This bike runs a 8.50" rear with a 260 Metzeler. NICE!

#77 260 Night Rod

This customer ditched the black 18 x 8.0" rear on his '07 and went with a chrome 18 x 8.50" set of our "Diablo's" and a 260 Metzeler. Thanks to Bob Gooch of Southern Cal.

#76 Left Side

#75 260 Rear

#74 Extreme 280

This 04 V-Rod gets a set of Extreme Machine "Arson" wheels/pulley/rotors along with our own Hogpro 280 kit. Nothing is more gratifying than a satisfied customer's testimonial. check it out -

Hi Jerry, here are some pics of my 2004 V Rod with your 280 kit installed on it. I LOVE the kit. Its fit and finish is great! Thanks for all the great parts! I look forward to doing more business in the future.
Thanks again
Kale Wolff

#73 Extreme 280 Rear

Rear shot. Thanks Kale!

#72 UK 280

This very wild V-Rod is custom from stem to stern! It features a Hogpro 280 kit along with our Panther wheels. Thanks to Alex Shannon of the U.K.

#71 280 Side Shot

280 2

#70 P3 "B"

This very slick 2004 "B" gets a Hogpro 240 kit along wit a set of P3 polished wheels. Thanks to Mike Koch of Wading River, NY.

#69 P3 Rear Shot

#68 P3 240

This beautiful 2003 gets a Hogpro 240 kit along with black "P3" wheels and a black swingarm. Thanks to Dennis Bakkenson of Agoura Hills, CA.

#67 V-Rod Thunderbird

Hogpro is international. Stefy Zampini of Varese, Italy, runs the V-Rod forum over there. She has done A LOT of work to this bike, including a set of Performance Machine Eldorado's & a 280 kit. Thanks Stefy!!!

#66 "Big & Bad" Project

This 04 V-rod has a Hogpro 240 kit with a set of Renegade Venice wheels. Thanks to Martin Barkey of Ontario, Canada.

#65 "Big & Bad" Photo #2

Harley F-350 truck with matching V-Rod!

#64 8 Spoke '07

This 2007 V-Rod gets a set of Hogpro "8 Spoke" wheels, rotors, and pulley. Looking good! Thanks to Jim LaPlante of Attleboro, MA.

#63 Santa Cruz Rod

This very sharp 2006 Night Rod features Renegade
"Santa Cruz" Chrome Wheels, matching pulley & rotors. Also, a Hogpro chrome 240 Swing arm and Shawn Ramsey custom paint. Thanks to Robert Brignac of Springdale, AR.

#62 '07 A

Here is a 2007 VRSCAW that gets a set of Hogpro "Indy" wheels, pulley, and rotors. This bad boy comes stock with a 240mm rear tire. Thanks to Johnny Barker of Longview, TX.

#61 Scott's V-Rod

This 2004 "B" model gets a 19 x 3.0" polished "Wrath" wheel and a pair of Hogpro brake adaptors. Thanks to Scott DeFelice of Baltimore, MD.

#60 LeMans Rod

This real sharp anniversary VRSCA gets a set of Hogpro "LeMans" chrome wheels, pulley, and rotors. Thanks to David Edwards of Vista, CA.

#59 6 Pack 200

This cool V-Rod features black powder coated 6 Pack wheels along with with a Metzler 200MM rear tire. NICE! Thanks to Roger Daily.

#58 LeMans Turbo Rod

This VERY SICK 2004 "B" features a Custom Performance turbo, Hogpro 240 kit, and LeMans wheel set. It is so great to have a vision for performance and looks, then build it and ride it down the road! Great job to Brandon Crisp of Silver city, NM.

#57 Daytona "A"

This beautiful 2002 "A" model get set up with a 6 piece Hogpro "Daytona" set. Thanks to Rick Lozier of Brewer, ME.

#55 Roger's Ride

This VRSCB is strictly business and looks menacing with its many mods, Weld Chopper, and Hogpro Rotor adaptors. Thanks to Roger Gallardo of Allen TX.

#54 Hogpro 280

Here is our faithful 2004 "B" model now sporting a 280 swingarm, 18 x 10" 280MM rear end, and a set of Hogpro "Daytona's".

#53 280 2

Picture 2

#52 240 Night Rod

This 2-tone '06 VRSCD looks hot with a chrome Hogpro 240 swingarm kit and a set of "8 Spoke" wheels. Thanks to Brian Lawhead of Canoga Park, CA.

#51 Night Rod 2

Right side shot.

#50 Indy 240 V-Rod

This beutiful VRSCA gets a Hogpro 240 kit plus a set of "Indy" chrome wheels. Thanks to Tom Geraci.

#49 Jill's Joy

This VRSCA looks very cool with a new set of Weld Racing "Recluse" wheels. Thanks to Jill McCarthey (and her dad) from Seattle, WA.

#48 Sonic V-Rod

I don't know what is nicer, the bike or the landscape? Well I'll have to go with the bike! Thanks to Eric Kennedy of Guntersville, AL.

#47 240 On '05 Screamin Eagle

Here is a sharp 2005 S/E with a set of Hogpro "8 Spoke wheels. Thanks to Steve Noblett of Simi Valley, CA.

#46 Daytona Rod

This 2006 Street Rod likes its new wheels! The Hogpro "Daytona" set looks hot on her. Thanks to Stan Lewis of Granada Hills, CA.

#45 Texas 240

Here is a real nice custom V-rod with a lot of attention to detail. Along with the custom paint, this bike gets a Hogpro 240 swingarm kit and a set of "Vegas" wheels. Thanks to Terry Wood of Houston, TX.

#44 Midwest Majic

We love this beautiful 2006 Street Rod featuring a Kosman widened 10 spoke rear wheel, Hogpro 240 kit, forward controls, and tons of other upgrades. Thanks to Richard Rivera of Chicago, IL.

#43 Midwest Majic II

Here is a rear shot of this great Street Rod.

#42 Thunder From Down Under

This Australian V-Rod has a unique look with its Hogpro 240 set up and "Sonic" wheels including a 21" front, custom paint, custom fender and much more. Thanks to "Rocky" (V-Rock).

#41 V-Rock II

Rear shot:

#40 Sonic "B"

Here is a cool 2004 B model with a set of Hogpro "Sonics" and custom paint. Thanks to Lesli San Jose of Kyle, TX.

#39 Two Sixty "B"

This is our beloved 2004 VRSCB now sporting a 260 Metzler rear tire. We did this using our wide swingarm kit along with a new widened rear fender. AWSOME!

#38 Two Sixty II

Here is a right angle of our 260.

#37 Daytona Night Rod

This '06 Night Rod gets some special attention from Hogpro. Check the Powder coated Daytona wheels and heat coated mufflers. NICE! Thanks to Jeff Solowitz of So. Cal.

#36 Awsome 240

Wow! Custom paint, wheels, and a Hogpro 240 kit!

#35 Black Indy 240

This cool black rod get a set of powdercoated Indy's and a Hogpro 240 kit. Nice!

#34 Karls's 240

Another Hogpro equipped 240 gets ready to terrorize the streets! Thanks to Karl Coffman of Chesapeake, VA.

#33 High 5 V-Rod

Here is a cool VRSCA sporting a set of Hogpro "High 5's". Thanks to Ron Wood of Blackfoot, ID.

#32 Wild 240

This really cool VRSCA looks hot with the addition of a Renegade "Vegas" wheel set and a Hogpro 240 swingarm kit. Thanks to Steve Hernandez of Roseville, CA.

#31 Dee's Dream

This very cool 2004 "B" model is owned by Dee Peppars of Los Angeles, CA. The Hogpro "6 Pack" set looks hot!

#30 "Classic" 240

This Fine looking ride gets down and dirty with a Hogpro 240 kit and chrome "Classic" wheels. Many thanks to Matt Caguyong of Gilbert, AZ.

#29 JC's 240

This '05 VRSCA is looking good with the addition of a Hogpro 240 kit and a chrome Indy set. Thanks to JC Godfrey of Ripon, CA.

#28 8 Spoke 240

Here is our "Shop Rod" with a newly installed Hogpro "8 Spoke" set. This '04 VRSCB also features a SuperTrapp exhaust, Progressive 12" 440 shocks, and black powder coated swingarm, shock cups, and fork legs. We LOVE this bike!

#27 UK V-Rod

We sent this Hogpro "6 Pack" set all the way to England and they look great on this silver alloy and chrome V-Rod! Thanks to Chris Crow of the UK.

#26 Cobra 240

Mike Henderson of Woodland Hills, CA prepares to take the maiden voyage on his Hogpro 240 equipped V-Rod. This bike features Hogpro "Cobra" wheels, pulley and rotors. Thanks Mike!

#25 Vinny's 240

Here is the rear shot Vince Niedbalski's V-rod. A very cool bike featuring a Hogpro 240 kit and other sweet touches. Thanks Vinny!

#24 Fred's Anniversary 240

When Fred Davis of Simi Valley, CA got the call thet his 240 conversion was ready to pick up, he said it was like getting a new bike all over again. When he saw it he wasn't disapointed! Thanks Fred.

#23 Night Rod Or Not?

This is a 2006 VRSCD Night Rod. The customer requested a forward control conversion and a Hogpro 240 kit. Well he got them both. Thanks to James Alexander of Chatsworth, CA.

#22 Freddie's Rod

Wow! Thank you Freddie Rice. This is one sharp V-Rod. It features a Hogpro 240 swingarm kit and a Hogpro "6 Pack" wheel set. We love this bike! Thanks again from the Hogpro team.

#21 Freddie's Rod 2

Another angle on this beauty!

#20 Dave's V-Rod

Here is a sweet 240 V-Rod. This bike features a Hogpro 240 kit and a set of "Sonic" wheels. Thanks to Dave Lentine of Bedford, MA. Great job Dave!

#19 Recluse 240

Thanks to Rich Preuss for the pics of his 2002 V-Rod. This bike sports a Weld Racing "Recluse" wheel set including a 18 x 8.5" rear wheel and 240 tire. Rich uses a Hogpro widened swingarm. Very nice Rich!

#18 "VEGAS" V-Rod

Check out this custom blue frame! This customer went with our Hogpro "Vegas" complete wheel set. Hot!! Thanks to Scott LaFountaine of Virginia Beach, VA.

#17 "Indy's" on the Hogpro V-R

Here is a shot of our beloved '04 VRSCB with a set of chrome "Indy's". This is our new 240/250 widened swingarm kit with a 240 on a 18 x 8.5" rear wheel.

#16 Indy's

Left side shot

#15 Matt's Rod

Here is one sweet looking "B" model. This bike features a Weld "Daytona" full wheel set. Sweet! Thanks to Matt.

#14 Kev's 240

Check this very cool V-Rod adorned with custom paint, Weld "Chopper" wheels, and of course a Hogpro 240 kit. Thanks to V-Rod "Kev" of Raleigh, NC.

#12 Black Beauty

This is How a "B" model should look when HD builds it! Check out the black exhaust, fork legs, swingarm, bars, and the polished "Sonic" wheels. Thanks to Tony Domzalski of Fayetville, NC.

#11 Polished Indys

Here is the first look of a polished "Indy" set on Mark Whatman's VRSCA. Looks great Mark!

#10 Hogpro Bike With 6 Packs

We just keep having fun! We installed a set of Hogpro "6-Packs" on our shop V-Rod. This wide ass 240 gets Lots of looks going down the road!

#9 Kirt's Wide Rod

These V-Rods just keep gettin nicer! This one sports a full set of Hogpro "6-Pack" chrome wheels along with a 240 kit. Much thanks to Kirt Brown of McKinney, TX.

#8 6 Pack V-Rod

This is one of the sharpest V-Rods we have seen! Jim Walter of Colorado picked our Hogpro 6 Pack's to top off this black beauty. Thanks Jim.

#7 6 Pack Rear View

#6 6 Pack Front View

#5 Kevin's Custom

Each Harley always seems to take on its own personalty after the vision of the owner. This custom V-Rod is no exception! Beautiful bike. Thanks to Kevin Bliss from Bristol, PA.


This is our 2004 VRSCB with a polished Smoothie rear and a polished Weld Racing Charger 5 front. Nice!

#3 V-rod 240

Another angle showing the polished Weld Racing "Charger 5" and polished matching rotors.

#1 V Rod On The Bottle

Look out Sushi Cruisers! Vince Tosti has put together a V-Rod that is not only beautiful, but can take care of business too! The Performance Machine "Wrath" set really does it for this bike. Thanks Vince, the Hogpro staff.