Wide Tire Bikes




#106 NRS 300 Rear

Steve Play's amazing NRS build with our 300 kit and replica wheels. Slammed with Arnott airride it doesn't look any cleaner than this!

#105 Nightrod Special 300

Jeff from Black & Gold hooked up his 2013 VRSCDX with our 300 kit and 23" front wheel.

#104 "Big Nasty"

Pierre from Sweden built this nasty NRS with our 300 wide tire kit and GR Customs Cobra rear fender.

#103 NRS with 300 and apes

Love this pic! 300 kit on a 2013 Nightrod Special with some sick handlebars. Thanks Giuseppe!

#102 Muscle 300

Andy's Muscle with our 300 kit, chopped rear fender, and legends air ride.

#101 Muscle Phat 300

Artem brought us his 2014 Muscle to customize and left with this giant 300 rear tire. Thanks Artem!

#100 280mm kit on NRS

Blair took no shortcuts with his NRS. Featuring Hogpro 280 kit, PM Heathen wheels, Ride Hard Rod rear fender, and NLC airbox cover.

#99 Duece 200 kit with Panthers

Gus Lopez's 2001 Duece with our Panther wheels and 200 wide tire kit. This one features Metzler tires.

#98 300 NRS with Panther wheels

Peter Tamas from Hungary hooked up his 2010 NRS with our black 300 kit and chrome Panther wheel set.

#97 300 NRS with stock style wheel

Mizuno from Japan went phat with our 300 widetire package on his Nightrod Special.

#96 300 kit on Muscle

Joe Mach went with our 300 kit and black magic Torque 5 wheels. Awesome 2011 Muscle Joe!

#95 240 on a 2003 Vrod

Ashley from Thailand converted his stock 180 rear end to a 240 with our swingarm kit and Titan wheels.

#94 300 Vrod 2012

Here is our 300 kit on a new 2012 Anniversity model Vrod. Thanks Luis!

#93 300 NRS With Custom Fender

Richard from England shows off his phat 300 tire with a custom rear fender. 2007 Night Rod Special with Hogpro 300 swingarm kit.

#92 Muscle 300 Kit

2011 Vrod Muscle featuring our Black Magic "Typhoon" rear 18 x 10" rear wheel and black 300mm widetire kit. Awesome job Tom Duma!

#91 Heartland 250 kit FXST

2002 FXST with Heartland's "Two-Five-O" kit and ride-rack-rest attachment. David complimented the kit with an awesome paint job and Nightmare custom wheels.

#90 2002 VROD 240 Kit

Scott Pearson's 2002 vrod with our chrome 240 widetire kit and so much more. Check out the chrome fenders!

#89 NRS 300 With Custom Fender

Alex had a custom fender made up to wrap his fat 300 tire with our swingarm kit and wheels. Looks awesome Alex!

#88 Vrod 300 Tire

This is Dom's 2010 NRS with our 300 black swingarm kit and RPM Lemans wheels. I bet this is one of the nicest motorcycles in Singapore!

#87 PM Phatail Kit Deuce

Jose from Puerto Rico went with a same side drive PM Phatail kit and our Sonic wheels.

#86 300 Wide Tire NRS

2007 Harley Night Rod Special with our 300 wide tire kit and black magic "Torque 5" wheels wrapped in Avon tires. Thanks Rob from Edmonton, Canada

#85 Heartland 250 kit on Nightrain

2003 Softail Nightrain with PM Gasser black contrast cut wheels and Heartland 250 wide tire kit. Thanks Bob Glueck from overseas.

#84 Hogpro 300 Vrod Kit

Cavan went with a custom JE Illusions fender to complete the fat 300 look on his 2009 NRS.

#83 NRS 300 kit

300 kit with custom rear fender, supercharger, and Black Magic Indy wheels. Thanks, Bobby

#82 280 wide tire vrod

2006 vrod with our Hogpro 280 wide tire kit. Rolf used his own slammed fender and it looks great with the lowered shocks.

#81 Heartland 250 Deuce

Andrew Glover of England customized his Deuce with a Heartalnd 250 kit and Big Fatty wheels.

#80 Streetglide 180 kit

Jimmy dressed up his 2006 Streetglide with our 180 bagger kit and Dominator wheels. 21 x 3.5" front and 18 x 5.5" rear.

#79 Rear Shot

2006 Streetglide featuring our 180 kit and Dominator wheels.

#78 Heartland 250 kit

Blair Purdy started with a stock 2005 Softail and ended up with this custom beauty. It features a Heatland 250 kit and Dominator wheels.

#77 Blair's Stock Bike

Blair's bike before all the hard work. 2005 Softail Standard

#76 Streetrod 280 kit

Kasper of Denmark fabricated this streetbike style rear fender to suit our Hogpro 300 swingarm kit. 280 tire really sets that bike off.

#75 300 Nightrod

Dave Herridge,from Kent,England added our 300 kit to his 07'Nightrod

#74 NRS 300 kit

2008 NightRod Special with Hogpro 300 kit and Black Indy wheels. Thanks Dan Alt for creating this amazing machine

#73 300 NRS

2008 NightRod Special with Hogpro 300 kit

#71 280 Nightrod Special

Eric from Chiago IL, fattend up his 2008 Nightrod Special with our 280 kit and a set of all black RPM Lemans wheels. That is a JE Illusions rear custom fender

#70 8 Spoke 300

Kazuhide added our 300 kit with a set of 8 Spoke Multi Piece wheels. "I am totally happy with Hogpro products.Thank you for your big support" Kazuhide Fukuda

#69 Bagger 180 Kit

2007 Streetglide with FBI rear fender. Dennis made this 180 kit happen with a lot of hard work and imagination!

#68 2008 V-Rod

Nathan Parry from Parts Pro of Australia,added Our 300 Kit and a set of Renegade South Beach wheels to this 2008. Looks Really Good, Thanks Nathan

#67 240 V-Rod

This 2006 was put togther with Our 240 Kit from
all the way Down Under. Thanks again to Nathan
of Parts Pro, Australia

#66 Fat Bagger Road Glide

I finally installed the fat bagger kit on my 07 RG with your wheels! Thanks for all your help over the past 1.5 years.
Your bike looks great! Thanks Jon

#64 DBO Fender With LED

This is a rear shot of a 2007 Softail Standard using our DBO fender with built in LED light.

#63 "Two-Five-O" Fatboy

Ron Lang of Camarillo had us install this 250 kit with a set of Lemans wheels. Now this is how a custom Fatboy should look.

#62 "Two-Five-O" Rear View

Rear Shot

#61 PM Phatail Kit

This 2003 Deuce strated stock but after Roy Riggs of Texas was finished it looks like a true custom. He went with a PM Phatail kit, PM Villian wheels, and much more. Great job Roy.

#60 Phoenix Deuce 200 Kit

2000 deuce with Renegade Phoenix wheels. Tanner also went with out Hogpro deuce 200 kit to really fill out that stock fender. Thanks Tanner Phillips od Shawnee, Kansas.

#59 Road King 180 Wide

This '07 Road King gets our 180mm tire kit along with our Mystic wheels. It features a contoured front fender, 13" matching rotor, and PM 6 piston front caliper. Next add: our smooth lower leg set.

#58 Rear Shot of 180

Phil's 180 rear.

#57 DBO fender

Customer writes :
"Here is a picture of my new DBO fender on my 06 Night Train. The service I got was OUTSTANDING. The fender was beautiful when I got it and a very easy install. Thanks a lot."
William Spooner.

Thanks to you William!

#54 '04 Fat Deuce Kit

Speed Demon Cycles in CT purchased this Deuce 200 kit for their customer Mike Vail. He now runs a 18x5.5 wheel with an attractive 200 Metzeler. Thanks guys!!

#53 8 Spoke Phat Boy

This great looking Fat Boy gets our Fat Back fender, 8 spoke wheels, and 200MM rear Metzeler on a 5.50" wheel. Thanks to Jason!

#52 Phat Boy Rear

Picture # 2

#51 Judge Deuce 200

You can tell that this photo was taken at sunset. This 2003 Deuce belongs to Ron Rod of beautiful Hawaii. It features a complete set of Performance Machine "Judge" contrast cut wheels, and a Hogpro 200 kit(not to mention all of the motor work). He says it's "Spooky fast!" Thanks Ron!

#50 DBO Deuce

This '04 Deuce gets a set of LeMans wheels and a Hogpro "DBO" rear fender. The 180 Metzeler and rear fender really set this bike apart. Thanks to David Ybarra of San Antonio, TX.

#49 Dallas Deuce

Wow! This 2003 S/E Deuce gets a set of Renegade "Dallas" wheels and a Hogpro 200 kit. Awsome! Thanks to Steve Bockiaro of Simi Valley, CA.

#48 Dallas Deuce Rear

Rear 200!

#47 Phoenix Deuce

#46 Venice Deuce

Here is a VERY NICE 2001 Deuce sporting a set of Renegade "Venice" polished wheels and a Hogpro 200 tire kit. The Avon Rubber gives this bike a very aggressive stance. Thanks to Cory Carpenter of New Oxford, PA.

#45 Venice Deuce 2

Rear Shot

#44 Brody's Deuce

This very sweet Deuce receives a set of Hogpro "Lemans" wheels and a 200 tire kit. The owner did the install and reports that the bike gets "lots of looks" now. Thanks to Brody Bents of Fairmont, MN.

#43 Brody's Deuce

Rear 200

#42 Ted's Night Train

Ted Farina's Night train is looking good with the addition of the Hogpro "Fat Back" kit. Check out the trick bars and paint. Good job Ted!

FOR SALE: (CALIFORNIA) 805-207-9713

#41 6 Pack 200

This anniversary Softail Standard get a set of Hogpro "6 Pack's" plus a Fat Back rear fender and 200 tire kit. Very Nice!! Thanks to Larry of Apple Valley, MN.

#40 6 Pack II 200

Rear angle:

#39 Sonic 200

Here is a sharp Deuce with a Hogpro 200 kit and "Sonic" wheels. It sports Metzler rubber. Thanks to Jose Malave of Peurto Rico.

#38 Phatail With Sonics

Here is the Deuce from the picture above after new paint, 18 x 8.50" rear, and a PM Phatail kit. Thanks to Jose Malave of Peurto Rico.

#37 Monterey Wide Glide

Wow! This 2006 Wide Glide gets set up with Renegade "Montery" Wheels, PM brakes, 18 x 5.50" rear with a 200mm Metzler. Thanks to Jeff of Southern, CA.

#36 Monterey Wide Glide

Side Shot.

#35 Ambush 250 Night Train

This very slick 2005 Night Train receives a set of Hogpro "Ambush" wheels and 250 Heartland tire kit. The customer did his own paint and customizing. Very nice! Thanks to Chuck Hill of Auburn, AL.

#34 LeMans 200

This cool Deuce gets one of our Hogpro 200 tire kits along with a chrome LeMans 18 x 5.5" rear wheel, matching rotor and pulley. Thanks very much to Chris Reuter of Nebraska.

#31 Vegas 200

Here is a very cool Deuce with a set of Hogpro "Vegas" wheels and 200 kit. Thanks to Dan Bauhs of Sun Prairie, WI.

#30 Vegas 200 II

Here is a side shot of Dan's Deuce.

#29 Daytona Deuce

This beautiful 103" Deuce gets a new set of Hogpro "Daytona's" along with a Hogpro 200 kit and Avon 200 rear tire. We fitted a "Rambler" 6.25 front fender over the 21 x 3.25" front wheel. Thanks to Doug Taylor of Northern Ca.

#28 Daytona Deuce II

Rear shot.

#27 Hawaii Fat Back

This fabulous red Fat Boy sports a Hogpro Pro-Street Strutted rear fender and a fat 180 rear tire on a "Cobra" 18 x 5.50" rear wheel. Thanks to Don Rackle of Ohahu, HI.

#26 Hawaii Fat Back 2

Rear Shot

#25 Wide Glide 240

This 2004 Dyna Wide Glide looks great with the addition of a Custom Valley kit and a set of Hogpro "High 5" wheels. The owner split and widened the stock fender. Thanks to Tom Logan of Henderson, NV.

#24 Dyna 240

Rear Shot.

#23 South Beach 200

Here is a very sharp anniversary Deuce. We installed a set of Renegade "South Beach" chrome wheels along with a Hogpro 200 tire kit. Thanks to Rick Wessels of Newbury Park, CA.

#22 South Beach 200 Rear

Rear Shot

#21 Rick's 200 Deuce

This 2005 Deuce takes well to a new set of Hogpro "6 Packs" along with our 200 tire kit. The Joker pipes add that aggressive look. Thanks to Rick Muckey of Valley Springs, CA.

#20 Rick's 200 Deuce 2

Rear Shot.

#19 Dyna 200

WOW! Check out this 2006 Low Rider. The owner was kind enough to leave it with us long enough to work out installing a 200MM Metzler on a set of Hogpro 18 x 5.50" and 21 x 2.15" 8-Spokes. Works great! Thanks to Roman Rios of San Fernando, CA.

#18 Dyna 200 Left View

Picture #2

#17 Manny's 200 Deuce

This very sharp 2004 Deuce really shines with the addition of a set of Hogpro "8-Spoke" wheels including a 200 rear tire. Many thanks to Manny Pujols of Tarytown, NY.

#16 Manny's Deuce Rear Shot

The 200MM Avon fills out that stock Deuce rear fender very nicely!

#15 Deuce 200

This 2001 Deuce receives a Hogpro 200 kit and looks good. Thanks to Wayne Safechuck of Simi Valley, CA.

#14 Rear 200 Deuce

Rear shot of Wayne's Deuce with Hogpro 200 kit.

#13 Dover Softail

This is a very tasty 2004 FXST featuring a really nice custom paint job with the swingarm blended in. The Fat Back Fender, Spoke wheel, 180 rear tire, and apes look great! Thanks to Bryan Bollinger of Dover, DE.

#12 Tom's Train

Wow! This is a sharp Night Train!! This bike includes Renegade "Slayer" wheels, a Hogpro Fat Back fender kit, kick ass paint, and many other sweet touches. Thanks to Tom Merz of Industry, PA.

#11 Mike Heagerty's Fat Boy

Mike Heagerty asked Hogpro to install our Fat Back fender kit on his Fat Boy. We sent out the sheet metal to Doug's Custom for paint and here is the finished bike. Looks great Mike!

#10 Mark's Night Train

Mark Lewis shows off his Night Train by adding a Hogpro Fat Back fender and Weld Racing Venetti wheels. Thanks Mark!

#8 Mike's Fat Back

This 2002 Softail Springer comes alive with chrome Hogpro "Vegas" wheel set, 180 rear tire, and Hogpro Fat Back rear fender. Thanks to Mike Drenkhahn of Virginia Beach, VA.

#7 Bryan's Deuce

How about this one off custom Harley! Bryan Carter of Joppa, MD had a vision of what a his stock Deuce should be, and he followed through. The wild custom paint, PM Phatail kit, and Hogpro "6 Pack" wheels all add to this beautiful bike. Thanks Bryan!

#6 Tracy's Fat Back

Here is a great looking and running 2000 FXST. It has many mod's, 95" big bore, gear-drive tw55 cams, 10.5-1 piston's, SE heads, mikuni carb, twin-tec ignition, bassani prostreet pipes and much more! The Solid chrome 18 x 5.5" rear wheel and 180 Hogpro Fat Back Fender don't hurt!

#5 Hogpro Strutless

Here is our Fat Boy with a Fat Back strutless fender and 180MM tire.

#4 Phat Train

This cool Night Train was completely transformed into a full custom by adding a PM Phatail kit and a set of PM Hooligan wheels. Thanks to Chris Ash for the picture.

#1 Wicked 180

Brian Haffner transformed his Night Train into a one-off custom. He chose a Hogpro "Fat Back" 180 rear fender along with a set of Wicked Image "Nightmare" wheels. PM forward controls get this beauty down the street. Thanks Brian!